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Milk Paint: For the Well-Loved Look (good for Hobbit farmers and tall-folk alike)

Milk paint was traditionally made from… you guessed it! Milk! It’s fairly easy to mix up yourself, and you can add any colours that you want. You might want to stick to powdered tempera or even those cheesy, cheap clothing dyes. It will bond to most porous surfaces, or you can also put down a […]

Incorporating a Small Pond into a Grey Water Diversion!

~ by Wulf Sternhammer I modified one of my grey water diversions the other day (the bath water) as the old one was no longer effective due to tree roots blocking the agri-pipe. This time I decided I wanted to make a feature of it, as well as avoiding more tree root blockages. So I […]

Lime Putty – the Friend of the Last Homely House Builder

~ by LadyAdaneth For centuries before anyone discovered that Portland Cement made an extremely hard, quick-setting material for sticking bricks together (and later discovered the concept of The Concrete Jungle), lime ruled supreme. Stone and brick were joined with lime mortar, lime plaster lined the inner walls, lime distemper in a range of pretty natural […]

A Fire Pit for Fun!

~ by Wulf_Sternhammer Ever watched a movie that has a group of people all sitting around a large outdoor fire enjoying themselves? Or have you ever had the pleasure of camping and sitting around the campfire after dark just staring at the flames? Well have you ever thought about building a fire pit in your […]

A Lothlórien Flet or Treehouse

Find a deep, wooded area. When you start building your flet or house, build it around the trunk of the tree. You should be able to buy all of your supplies at your local hardware store, and you will probably be able to find instructions for building your treehouse there. If you decide to build […]

Middle-earth Door Frame

~ by lindele Putting designs around your door is a great way to add a Middle Earth feel to any room. You will need: – Wood (one long plank per side should do the trick) – A router or paint (I’d suggest paint if you’re not used to the router) – Hammer and nails First, […]

An Outdoor Kitchen from an Old Clothes Dryer

~ by wulf_sternhammer How to make an outdoor kitchen from an old clothes dryer! Here’s a little idea that could easily be called ‘Recycling runs riot!’ I had an old clothes dryer that no longer heated so was pretty well useless, and the cost of repairing such an old appliance was not economical, so it […]