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Welcome to the Encyclopedia, the most wide-ranging facility in Elrond's Library. To use it please choose from either the volumes or the individual letters of the alphabet on the left.

The Encyclopedia is currently undergoing a thorough assessment in preparation for the release of the Hobbit movies, to ensure that answers on the books are available to readers and movie-goers alike. If you have comments or suggestions please contact cirdaneth.

Encyclopedia News

March 2012:  It's our tenth anniversary and CoE has a fresh face on a new platform. The Hobbit movie is well under way and due out in December so the current admin task is to complete entering or updating entries relevant to the book.
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Contributor Profiles:

Cirdaneth: Joined CoE in 2006 and became Co-mod of Books Forum six months later and Books Section Admin last December. She enjoys the challenges and the good company of CoE and hopes to do the job well.

Atalante_Star: Joined the staff about 3 months after she joined CoE in 2003 and has been both a Moderator and Books Section Admin. She was instrumental in building up the Encyclopedia from an early start and counts it her greatest achievement. She has especially enjoyed putting together the FAQ section and writing articles for the Middle-Earth section.

PotBellyHairyFoot:Joined CoE in July 2002 and was invited onto the staff soon afterwards to moderate the Roleplay Forum. Currently he also co-mods the Books Forum and has much enjoyed runningthe Book Club. He is proudest of having written the majority of entries for the Interactive Map in Elrond’s Library.