Twin brother to Amras and second youngest son of Fëanor.

Slain, with his twin brother, in the assault on the Mouths of Sirion in the last years of the First Age.

In the notes for a planned “excursus” on the names of the Sons of Fëanor (c.1968) Tolkien gave his Quenya name as Pityafinwë ‘little Finwë’ In these same notes his mother-name is given as Ambarto. At this late stage of his life Tolkien toyed at length with the mother-names of Amrod and his twin brother Amras, experimenting with an idea that one of them might have perished when the ships were burned at Losgar. (Source: HoME Vol.XII, The Shibboleth of Fëanor)
Encyclopedia entry originally written by Perathion