The Battle of the Field of Celebrant occurred in TA 2510 between Gondor and the Balchoth - an eastern race.

When the Balchoth crossed the Anduin in TA 2510, Cirion, Steward of Gondor moved his Northern Army into the area to cut off the invasion. But his force was intercepted, and it was pushed up around the River Limlight, where it milled in disarray and was then attacked by Orcs.

When almost all hope was gone, Eorl the Young came to Cirion's aid with his men of the Éothéod. The Riders ran down the soldiers of the Balchoth, and harried them to destruction across the plains of Calenardhon.

As a reward to Eorl the Young and his people, Cirion ceded them the land of Calenardhon, which they re-named the Riddermark - Rohan.
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