Bill Ferny was described by Aragorn as a swarthy, sneering man who would sell anything to anybody, and who would make mischief for his own amusement.

During the hobbits' stay in Bree, Ferny acted as an informant for the Nazgûl. After the raid in the stables, Ferny sold his underfed pony to the hobbits for 12 silver pennies, three times its real worth. As the hobbits left Bree, Ferny was housing a southerner who looked half-orc.

On the return to the Shire, Bill Ferny was appointed "the chief's big man" and became a gate guard. After handing over the gate keys to Merry, Ferny was kicked by his former pony, which had been named Bill by Samwise. After the event at the gate, there is no more record of Bill Ferny.
Encyclopedia entry originally written by Ereinion