The Second of the Battles of Beleriand, whose name meant "Battle-under-Stars".

The Second Battle was fought in the first year of the First Age in Mithrim after the coming of Fëanor to Middle-earth.

The host of Morgoth came through the passes of Ered Wethrin, the Mountains of Shadow, and they attacked Fëanor and his camp. The Noldor were outnumbered and surprised, but they quickly became victorious. This was because the light of Aman had not dimmed from their eyes, and they were strong and swift.

The Orcs fled over the Mountains of Shadow, into Ard-galen. Fëanor's son, Celegorm waylaid them with part of the Elven-host and drove them into the Fens of Serech. The battle lasted ten days.

Fëanor, brightest star of the Noldor, died during this battle. He pressed on towards Morgoth's stronghold, Angband, where he fought bravely, but was mortally wounded by Gothmog, Lord of the Balrogs.
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