Dunland is an area in eastern Enedwaith roughly situated between the North-south Road (The Greenway) and the Misty Mountains. It is inhabited by a tribal herding people known as Dunlendings, whose ancestors had lived in parts of Gondor and southern Eriador since early in the Second Age.

The people of Dunland also considered Calenardhon, the province of Gondor north of the White Mountains as part of their territory. In TA 2510 Cirion, Steward of Gondor, granted that land to the Rohirrim after they were vctorious over invading orcs and Easterlings on the Field of Celebrant. The Rohirrim renamed the land Rohan.

In TA 2758, an invasion to retake Rohan was led by Wulf, and launched from Dunland. Wulf was victorious but Dunland only occupied Rohan for a year before its forces were driven back by the Rohirrim.

After this defeat Dunland made a pact with Saruman, hoping with his aid to regain Rohan. After their defeat at the Battle of the Hornburg, the survivors from Dunland sued for peace and promised never to leave Dunland or invade Rohan again.
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