A path leading about 180 miles across Northern Mirkwood, from the Forest Gate in the West to the banks of the Forest River close to the halls of the Elvenking.

In The Hobbit on the advice of Beorn, Thorin and Company used the Elf Path on their journey to the Lonely Mountain in TA 2941. The Western entrance, known as the Forest Gate lay several days ride to the North of Beorn’s lands, and is described as an arch leading into a tunnel of trees. Although there was a usable clear spring near the gate the company was warned not to drink from streams within the forest, nor to bathe in them, especially the Enchanted River which crossed the path in the heart of the forest.

Although made and guarded by the elves, the forest to either side of the Elf Path had become infested with evil things spreading North from Dol Guldur. Gandalf warned the company not to wander from the path, but in an oak valley, they strayed in search of the feasting elves, and were attacked by the huge Mirkwood Spiders. Having escaped from them they were taken captive by the elves.

Note: Additional information from Cirdaneth
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