The First House of the Edain was the name for the first group of the race of Men to make the journey over the Blue Mountains and westward into Beleriand.

The leader of these Men was named Balan who would later enter into the service of Finrod Felagund and be renamed Bëor the Old, which meant 'vassal'.

When the Edain grew again restless in their lands, the three kings of the Noldor offered to them lands in and around their own. Many young Men of the Edain entered into the service of the Elven-kings.

The First House of the Edain served the house of Finarfin and fought alongside them in the Dagor Bragollach. During that battle, Barahir I son of Bregor was fighting alongside Finrod Felagund when he was cut off from the rest of his folk. Barahir and his people saved Finrod, so the Elf-lord swore an oath of friendship to the Men, and gave to Barahir the Ring of Barahir as a token of this oath.

The First House of the Edain continued to ally themselves with the Eldar and were rewarded, along with the Second House of the Edain and the Third House of the Edain, with the land of Númenor.

The First House of the Edain was joined with the Third House of the Edain through marriage in later years, and eventually all three of the houses were joined by the same means.

The notable descendants of the First House of the Edain were as follows:

Balan (Bëor the Old)
Boromir son of Boron

First Son of Bregor: Bregolas

Second Son of Bregor: Barahir
Dior Eluchil
Elrond and Elros
Encyclopedia entry originally written by Nienna-of-the-Valar