Located in Rhovanion between Mirkwood and the River Anduin, across from the mouth of the River Gladden.

In TA 2, a party led by Isildur was waylaid by orcs in the Gladden Fields. Seeing that the the entire party was going to be destroyed, Isildur tried to escape by putting on the One Ring and, while invisible, swimming away. While he was swimming the Ring slipped off of his finger, making him visible once more, and Orc archers killed him.

Around TA 1350, the Gladden Fields was settled by Stoors leaving The Angle. In TA 2463, Deagol the Stoor found the One Ring in the Anduin by the Gladden Fields.

The Stoors of Gladden Fields vanished from history after this incident and it is not known whether they left the area or were destroyed.
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