“Land of Song”. Originally, Lindon was the name given by the Noldor to the land between the River Gelion and the Blue Mountains (also known as Ossiriand to the Green-Elves and the Sindar). This land was settled by the exiled Noldor of Beleriand.

However, after the end of the First Age, Lindon became the name given by all elves to all the lands remaining west of the Blue Mountains. North Lindon was composed of Forlindon, formerly Thargelion, while South Lindon was composed of Harlindon, a fragment of Ossiriand that had escaped inundation. The main city of the realm was Forlond.

In the Second and Third Ages, the elven people of Lindon were composed of the Noldor, Sindar, Green-Elves and Falathrim, though most of the Noldor at first settled in Forlindon, under the rule of Gil-Galad; while the Grey-Elves and other Teleri settled in South Lindon under the guidance of Celeborn. Even after the migrations of a great number of the Noldor and Sindar, Gil-Galad remained in Lindon as High King.

After Gil-Galad left Lindon to join the Last Alliance, Círdan ruled Lindon through the Third Age. Some Noldor still lived there after the fall of Gil-Galad, and some remained there even into the Fourth Age.
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