Malvegil was the sixth King of Arthedain. During his reign, evil came to Arnor when the realm of Angmar sprung up in the North, beyond the Ettenmoors. Angmar's lands spread to both sides of the mountains and to that place, many evil men were gathered, along with great numbers of Orcs.

Men called the lord of Angmar the "Witch-king", but they did not at that time realize that he was indeed the chief of the Nazgûl, and he had come to Arnor with the express purpose of destroying the realm entirely. The Witch-king knew that Gondor was strong, but he hoped that if he could destroy the Dúnedain of the North, then it would aid him in bringing down Gondor as well. He knew of the division of Arnor and hoped to use their disunion to his, and his lord's, advantage.

There was no noted warfare during Malvegil's time, but Angmar's foundation led to much stirring of evil things, and the journey of these creatures westward from the east. This movement caused the migration also of many free-peoples ahead of the evil beings. Most noted of these was the movement of the Hobbits who, during Malvegil's time, began to make settlements in Bree.

Malvegil reigned from TA 1270 until TA 1347, and died in TA 1349. He was succeeded by his son Argeleb I.
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