Morwen was the daughter of Baragund of the First House of the Edain. She married Húrin, and bore him three children: Túrin, Lalaith and Nienor.

She was born in Ladros, in Dorthonion, but when she was a child, she was moved to Dor-lómin. There she married Hurin.

Morwen remained in Dor-lómin during and after the Nirnaeth Arnoediad. While the area was then subject to Morgoth, she managed to smuggle Túrin to safety in Doriath.

Many years later she fled with Nienor to Doriath, hoping to find Túrin there. But he had gone, and so she left in search of her son. She was lost in an attack on her party by Glaurung, and was never seen again by Elves or Men - except once by her husband whom she met only once again - on the day of her death. She was buried at Cabed Naeramarth.
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