Thain was the title of the military leader of the Shire, though it was a title of honor only, for there was little need of a military in the Shire.

The seat of the Thain was at Great Smials in Tookland.

The first Thain was Bucca of the Marish. Then the title passed down to 10 of the Oldbucks until they moved across the River Brandywine and into Buckland. The title of Thain then passed onto the family of Tooks and there it remained until (we assume) long after the War of the Ring.

There were thirty-three known Thain's of the Shire and they are named here as follows:

Bucca of the Marish
Oldbuck Line
10 Thains that are not named
Gorhendad Oldbuck
Took Line
Isumbras I
8 Thains that are not named
Isengrim II
Isumbras III
Ferumbras II
Fortinbras I
Isengrim III
Isumbras IV
Fortinbras II
Ferumbras III
Paladin II
Faramir I of the Shire
Encyclopedia entry originally written by Nienna-of-the-Valar