Only son of Théoden and Elfhild. Born in TA 2978. Died in 3018.

As the son of the King, Théodred was naturally appointed to be First Marshal of the Mark. Théodred was both heir and First Marshal of the Mark, a difficult situation for Theódred. During the period when Théoden came under the control of Gríma, Théodred, without orders from his father and probably, if he had known, against his will at this time, assumed general command of the army and he thus acted like he was the King. Théodred assigned Elfhelm to guard Edoras while he himself went to battle leaving Rohan without an heir if he should die.

Théodred died at the western border of Rohan defending the Fords of Isen five days before Aragorn, Gimli, Legolas and Gandalf came to Meduseld.
Encyclopedia entry originally written by Mallard