The city built by Turgon on his return to Middle-earth, located beneath Mount Taras in Nevrast, overlooking the Sea.

Vinyamar was deserted in First Age 104 when Turgon led his people to the newly created city of Gondolin, but on the advice of Ulmo he left a sword and armor there which were later claimed by Tuor.

The Halls of Vinyamar were the eldest of all the stone works built by the Noldor in exile. The tower at Mount Taras was the westernmost of all the towers of Middle-earth, and was the first thing a sailor would see when crossing the sea from Valinor.

The Halls were high up on great terraces that looked towards the sea. When Tuor visited them, wind, rain and frost had damaged them and there was a growth of grey-green plants on the roof shingles. The courts were high and windy. At the entrance of the Halls was a wide stair, which passed under a lintel before entering the building. There was a high-pillared hall, which, at the eastern end, had a high seat upon a dais. The floor was paved. The chair was hewn of a single stone and written on with strange signs. On the wall behind the throne hung a shield, hauberk, helm and long sword. The shield was long and tapering, and its field was blue, in the midst of which was wrought an emblem of a white swan’s wing. The shield was light and wieldy, wrought seemingly of wood overlain with thin plates of metal.
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