Author’s Note:
As I said, this is a poem about Aragorn, and what he came to do later in the story. I was inspired by Bilbo’s poem, “All that is gold does not glitter…”.

The Rising Hope ~

Be free from that which was broken.
Wander the lost paths that are unspoken.
From the shadows shall arise,
A new hope born of ancient wise.
Immortal love he is bestowed,
But doomed to die, his due will be owed.

An exiled king of great power,
Freeing the land from evil’s bower.
He is brought forth into morning’s faint light.
Banishing this sleepless blight.
Yet sired by a faithless king,
He bears the hated curse of the Ring.

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Thanks again for reading.
~Saerith Eruwestiel

Disclaimer: Nope, I still don’t own Lord of the Rings. Too bad, huh?

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