September 16,3000
March 1,1987

Slowly, the great oaken doors of the Library at Hogwarts opened. Through the gathering evening gloom strode the old man, Gandalf the Grey. He held a staff called Galenemiÿen, the Green Reckoner. At its top glowed the galvorn stone of all-sight. He made his way past a sleeping Madam Prince to the Restricted Section. There he found the book he wanted, titled Annals of the Dark Magicians Alastor and Olyvar Selwyn. He opened to page 394.

There we left the Elder Wand in the hands of Regulus Black. He is now dead, killed by an inferius from the depths of Geol, realm of the shadowy spirit called Kirth. But we learned from him (Kirth) that in another land, and long ago, he was called Melkor, He who arises in might. We have taken an Unbreakable Vow to aid him to rise to power, for he has power beyond Voldemort, power even beyond what Grindelwald or Psellus or even Merlin Himself could summon.

Gandalf read again. And again. And again. Finally,he returned the book to its shelf.

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