~An Evil In Rivendell~

Chapter One: Save Me

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The November air was chilly but the man did not move from his spot, in a few more moments he could make his move.

He had been watching the elf for awhile, a mission by the dark lord, a pleasurable mission at that.


“Thank you Lord Elrond for another night of entertainment, but I fear I must retire for the evening for I am not feeling the best.”

Elrond nodded at his long trusted friend and advisor, “Go Erestor, you have not slept in days.”

Erestor sighed, his lord always knew of his habits… unfortunately. “Thank you my lord.” He nodded his head in respect.

“Think nothing of it mellon nin.” Elrond smiled.

Glorfindel raised from his seat, walking toward them. “Should I escort you my friend? You’re quite pale.”

Erestor shook his head, “No mellon nin, I’m quite alright, just tired tis all.”

“Well… I hope you have a nice night.” Glorfindel nodded at his friend, casting him worried glances.

Erestor nodded, “Hannon le. Namarie.”

The two friends watched Erestor leave the Hall of Fire before they were once more swept up in the excitement of the singing before them.


Erestor locked his study on his way to his room. He tiredly dragged himself up the steps before he opened his door. “Another long day,” he murmered as he closed the door tiredly.

Pulling off his ceremonial robe, Erestor un-tied his leggings before going to burn a candle to lighten the room.

A sharp pain on his shoulder stopped Erestor and he fell to the ground, a cry of anguish escaped his lips as he tried to bite back the excruciating pain.

“Hello Erestor.”

A gag was shoved into his mouth and Erestor tried to fight it, but he felt his limbs turn into jelly.


“I’ve been waiting for this elf.”

The man’s hot breathing caused Erestor to flinch as he felt his face so close to the elven-advisor’s ear. A kiss was planted on his well-pointed ear and he whimpered in dismay.

Erestor was dropped un-mercifully to the ground, he tried to move but the drug had caused him to be useless against defending himself. He winced against the jarring pain in his shoulder as he was jerked up then pushed onto his stomach on the bed.

He tried to struggle but his attempts were useless as his leggings were pulled away along with his other clothing leaving him vulnerable.

Tears streamed down his face as he sobbed through the gag, begging his captor to spare him and leave him alone.


“Good morning Glorfindel.”

The Gondolian elf smiled at the elven lord, “Morning Elrond, I take it you slept well?”

“Fine, and yourself?”

Glorfindel nodded, “Perfect. Have you seen Erestor this morning?”

“No, perhaps he still sleepeth, he has been so tired as of late. If he is not awake at noon I shall check on him.”

Glorfindel nodded in agreement and the group continued on with their normal activities, without another thought of the elven advisor’s condition.


It was cold.

So very cold.

November air blew through the open window and Erestor shivered.

Staring blankly at the bright green leaves of the tree outside Erestor sniffed, he felt horrible, dirty, disgusting, violated.

The gag nearly choked him as he was over-took with another heart-wrenching pain which he tried to calm with painful breaths.

Oh Eru it hurt.

His hands were bound behind him and his legs lay stiffly as Erestor provided no movement.

In his mind Erestor pleaded for peace, but no one came to save him from his agony and torment.


Noon came all too quickly and Erestor had yet to be seen. Elrond walked to the room that held his advisor where he saw Glorfindel already awaiting him at the door.

Elrond nodded to Glorfindel who knocked on the door.


No answer was made from within the chamber and Glorfindel gazed worriedly at Elrond before opening the door.

The two walked into the room quietly as their eyes immediately fell on the sight of the shivering advisor.


Elrond felt his stomach clench as if he had been punched in the gut. He ran to his advisor, dropping to his knees beside him. “Glorfindel shut the window, quickly!’ he ordered, un-tying the gag from his advisor’s mouth and un-binding his legs.

Blood smeared the sheets and Elrond almost felt dizzy from his anger. A sword was firmly implanted into his friend’s shoulder, left with no mercy.

Elrond quickly shed his long robe and laid it on top of the shaking elf.


The Elven Lord looked down at the prone shaking form of Erestor. His eyes dimmed with tears as he saw his friend shaking and choking on his own sobbing. “What is it Erestor?”

“S-save m-me,” he whispered before he lost conciousness.

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