Disclaimer: The characters and Nutcracker belong to the original owners. I’m just having fun! (This is basically around the Council of Elrond time wise.)

I know the chapters are really short, but I have short term attention span. I make lots of chapters, they’ll just be short. 

A LOTR parody of “The Nutcracker”

Chapter 1: Preparations

Every year, in the cold winter months, Elrond holds a party for his household and friends. His daughter, Arwen, invites all her friends and his sons, Elrohir and Elladan, gather up all their co harts. But this year’s events were a bit different.
Arwen woke that morning with snow drifting in through her open window. Slipping on her slippers, she walked out of the room and looked for breakfast, forgetting the snow that was now piling steadily at the base of her bed.
The halls of Rivendell were bustling with preparations for that afternoon’s events. Elves walked in every direction, hanging garlands of leaves from Lorien on railings, arranging snow on the edges of windows, and freezing icicles to chandeliers. (All the cleaning hand been done the previous day.) As Arwen passed by the kitchens, she saw that the business in there was even worse than the halls. Maybe she could forget breakfast. She practically sleepwalked back to her bed, closed the window (her floor now carpeted with snow), and fell back to sleep in an instant. (She was not a morning person.)

Meanwhile, Elrohir and Elladan were among the many elves that scrambled through the halls preparing for the party. Except, their preparations were a bit out of the ordinary.
“You put that one under the cushion on Da’s chair.”
“K, you get those three and put them on Arwen’s and other chairs.”
“Alright, did you make sure there’s a place for Boromir’s horns when he gets here?”
“In the fire room to the left of where they’re staying, under the squeaky floor board. What was Legolas bringing again?”
“A few baby spiders for Arwen. I have a jar in my room for them.”
“Baby spiders from that creepy wood of his? Are you kidding!? Those-”
“They’re dead. What were Pip and Merry gonna bring?”
“They’re just coming for prankster sake.”
Both boys quickly turned around and hid any evidence of setting of pranks.
“You were supposed to be helping set up, not destroying everything everyone else did!”
“We WERE helping, Grandma told us to fix up the cushions!”
“Lady Galadriel just arrived, so she couldn’t have told you that! Now cleanup and greet the Lothlorien guests. Legolas is not far away now if that would be an incentive for you.”
In an instant, both boys had run out of the room.

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