Red scale shimmers, and gemstones glisten
The hide of a dragon is tough as stone
But one small scale, loosed by arrow
Leaves him bare as bone

Smaug the strong, Smaug the arrogant
Believes to be strong as steel
Black arrow shot, with flight so straight
Death’s touch will make him feel

Dragon will fall, his reign brought to end
Unguarded mountain now stands
Enemies clash, and quarrels now rise
Who owns the gold in those lands

But over hills, and through the trees
Sauron’s legion will rise
Enemy to friend, we must join together
To ensure the enemy dies

This battle fought, on Erebor’s slope
Against a monstrous hoard
Elves, dwarves, and men against orc
Fight on land where dragon once soared

Steel will clash, bow will now sing
Durin, fight to save your land
Drive this evil back, draw its reign to an end
In this final battle, will make your stand

Though sorrows rise, the heir does die
This battle you have won
Sauron forces defeated, your land reclaimed
Erebor’s quest is done

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