Blessed Be the Children

By Firniswin

Rating: PG-13

Summary: While on a hunt near Rivendell, Elladan, Elrohir, and Glorfindel meet a young boy that captures their hearts. But little do they know of his slavery and torment, not days away from Imladris. Can they save this child from his labors and give him peace, or will he be doomed to a life of slavery forever?

Genre: Drama/Action/Adventure/Angst

Chapter One

“Elrohir- you shoot like a girl.”

The younger twin scoffed as they rode through the forest, the older blonde elf lord riding slowly behind them.

“I do not! You do, you’re the one who shot-”

“-Ada in the foot?” Elladan finished with a bored yawn. “No, that was you. I still don’t know how you managed it either, being in bed and your left arm being broken-”

“Exactly the reason I blame you!”

Glorfindel sighed and let his body slump forward in an un-elf lord like position. He felt his ears tremble as the twins continued to gripe and grumble at one another.

“If you two would spend more time and energy riding instead of talking, we might have found the herd by now.”

“Ya, Elrohir. Stop talking!”

“No, you stop.”


“You.” Elrohir pointed at his twin with contempt flashing in his eyes.


“No, you!!”

Resisting the urge to ring both elves’ necks, Glorfindel gripped the reigns tighter and clenched his teeth.

He hated trips with the twins. They were absolutely dreadful, and the fact that they were merely three thousand years old did not help

He straightened his back and let his whole body stop.

‘What?’ he mentally asked himself, swinging his blonde hair to the side so that his ear had a direct path to the noise. “Cheering?” he questioned softly as he heard the joyful clapping and echoing roar that came from beyond the woods.

“This way-” he murmured to the twins as he felt the curiosity and excitement bubble over all at once.

The twins had stopped talking when they had noticed the screams and jeers as well as the happy applause.

“Glorfindel?” Elladan trotted his horse alongside the blonde warrior. “What is that?”

Elrohir followed silently behind the two, not wanting to interrupt or miss any informing sounds.

“I hear-” the pounding in his ears increased and he winced. “Hooves, horse hooves.”

“So do I.” The blonde balrog-slayer said as they came to a hill. He kicked his horse gently in the sides and the beast leapt forward.

A misty rainfall had begun and the ground beneath the black horse felt a bit mushy from the last. But the elven horse’s graceful steps carried her master skillfully up the slippery hill.

When the blonde elf reached the top, he gasped and titled his head to the side.

Below him, many different shapes and sizes of horses trotted in the field and neighed as the wind blew their braided and straight combed mains.

Alongside the beasts stood and walked numerous humans. Some with dark skin, some with pure white, and some tanned.

“What on Arda-?” Elrohir breathed as his eyes searched over the encampment of humans and horses.

“Glorfindel? What is this?”

The blonde elf chuckled. “This- young ones- is a horse race, I believe.” Smiling he licked his lips and tossed his green hood over his face.

“Come, Elladan, Elrohir. Let’s go watch a bit.”

Both the twins shrugged themselves into their gray cloaks and grinned as they hid their perfectly pointed ears.

Neither had seen a human horse race before, Elrond had told them a bit, but it had bored them quite easily and they had decided never to actually go watch one.

But Elladan instantly concluded that they had been wrong in their assumption. This horse race seemed quite interesting.

As the three elves reached the main grounds, they noticed all the fascinating smells, sounds, and feelings that came as they rode on.

One little man with white hair stopped in front of them. He was riding on a pony and seemed to be well over competing age.

Glorfindel smiled down at the elderly man, “May I help you?” he asked politely, almost feeling the urge to laugh when the man’s bushy, white eyebrows bristled and he huffed.

“Maybe, I was curious if any of you three are entering the race? You all got fine horses!” he spied his curious eyes on Glorfindel’s beautiful black, elven mare. “My, ain’t she a beauty!”

“Thank you.” he smiled and turned to the twins. Each saw the sly grin that spread over his pale features. “I would like to enter my horse, and I will be riding her.”

“Your name?” the man asked as he took out a thick piece of parchment from his saddle-bag.


Looking up and studying the hooded face he shrugged and wrote the strange name upon the paper.

“Beast’s name?”

‘Beast?’ the elf lord winced as his horse snorted. He rubbed her neck and chuckled.

Sometimes Celeblin had a stubborn attitude. Whenever someone called her a beast or acted as if she was not important, she let them know a thing or two about her status.

“Celeblin.” the balrog-slayer stated proudly as he felt his mare’s body soften as she whinnied happily.

“Your race is in ten minutes. You’ll be racing again seven other horses, the race is in Strider’s favor. He’s one of them Rohannian breed beasts.” The little man said as he backed his pony away.

“Hannon le.” he grinned at the confusion on the man’s face as they rode forward and started through the crowd of people and towards the starting gate.


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