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Rating: humor
AN: Legolas is younger right now, so he is around 550 years old, about a teenager for an elf.
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Legolas was always out of place in his father’s council meetings. They were long and uninteresting, and Legolas often found himself fidgeting restlessly. Legolas was not at all enthusiastic about attending a meeting with some men from Laketown about renewing trade, or some case where an elf was very worked up about some issue.
Legolas had begun pondering ways to make council meeting more enjoyable a few months before Elrond and his sons visited. Elladan and Elrohir, the infamous twin pranksters of Rivendell, gave him a Whoopee cushion and explained its use. The strange bag was invented by a dwarf with a fondness of crude jokes. Later it became a popular prank among dwarfs and some men. The twins had picked one up when a party of dwarfs came to see Elrond about trading weaponry. At first, Legolas thought he would never use the Whoopee cushion. After a while though, Legolas devised a wicked plan for Thranduil’s next council meeting.
During the meeting, Legolas was of course sitting right next to Thranduil, who would occasionally stand up to calm a ruckus or to give a speech, or anything else a king would do while in a council meeting. So, while Thranduil was up talking, Legolas subtly slid his hand under the table, and deposited the Whoopee cushion on the seat of Thranduil’s chair. Now this particular meeting was with Celeborn and Galadriel, who were negotiating to sell some of their seeds to help with the regrowth of Greenwood. As Thranduil sat back down, the sound made every elf but Galadriel flinch and gasp in shock. Galadriel knew what had happened and gave Legolas a knowing glance, her face betraying nothing, but her eyes shone with laughter. The next sound made every elf cover their ears. “LEGOLAS!” Thranduil boomed, absolutely infuriated. Legolas jumped out his chair and made a mad dash for the door succeeding in getting to the hallway. From there Legolas didn’t really know where he went, but he ended up going through a door that led to a dead-end hallway. Legolas was too determined to avoid his father, and didn’t hear the door shut behind him. Legolas saw he would be trapped if Thranduil found him here, so he spun around to run a different way, but to his horror found to door was shut. Legolas panicked seeing that the door only open one way, and that way, was not his way. A few moments later the door did open, but a very mad Elvenking stood glaring at the nervous prince. Thranduil snatched Legolas by his wrist and practically drug Legolas, who was yelling at the top of his voice for mercy. Thranduil led Legolas to a room where two smirking elves stood, one of them was Galadriel. A large chair was between them. Thranduil forced Legolas into the chair, and he and the other elf tied Legolas to it. When that was done, Thranduil addressed Galadriel. “He’s all yours. Do this well, because this is the only time I will let you do this.” By now Legolas was quite frightened. Galadriel walked over to a table and began putting something in a large bowl. Legolas couldn’t see because the other elf had taken the top half of the chair’s backrest off. Then Galadriel came back carrying the bowl. The other elf pushed Legolas’s head back, and brushed his hair out so it hung freely behind the chair. Galadriel lowered the bowl under Legolas’s head and then lifted it so that all of Legolas’s hair was completely submersed in the bowl, which contained some stinky fluid that was irritably tickling Legolas forehead. A few moments passed and Galadriel took the bowl away while the other elf dried Legolas’s hair. Galadriel combed Legolas’s hair out, and then untied him. “You may go now.” She said smiling. Legolas let himself out, and began making his way to his chambers. Legolas was very confused, because every elf that he passed, tried unsuccessfully to stifle a laugh. When Legolas arrived at his chambers, he went straight to his mirror. To his absolute horror, his hair was now a lovely shade of hot pink. Legolas groaned and realized he would not be even more out of place for the next few months.

The End

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