Mirkwood – the land of they
Tall, pale, fair and fey
Elves of the wooded lands
Proud and white they stand

Imladris – the hidden country
Of elves swathed in mystery
Long peace Elrond feigned
So they still remained

Lothlorien – the Lady’s bower
Fairest lands of the Dreamflower
Long grow niphredel and elanor,
Within the shadows of gold mallorn

Moria – the subterranean void,
Best for all whom this avoid,
For aeons mithril enticed the folk
By whose greed Durin’s Bane awoke

Rohan – that gold and amber domain
Where long the kings and lords have reigned
Native land of the mearas of lore,
That once roamed on the grassy floor

Gondor – fabled land of old,
Minas Tirith, fierce and cold
Seven tiered of pure white
The land burns like a beacon bright

The Shire – green and blooming hills
Where flowers grow in mossy rills
Eriador, homeland of those whose
Courage is chronicled in song and prose

And finally, Mordor – black and gloom,
Land of the famous Cracks of Doom
Hot with the fire of the all-seeing eye,
The homes in wreckage, the crop-lands dry

Long could I wax eloquent of all
That my mind can view
But here’s the end, and I’ll be apalled
If you don’t review!

(Just kidding, of course)

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