Chapter 1:

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Quenya language

November 1, 1981 – Forbidden forest, HOGWARTS SCHOOL OF WITCHCRAFT AND WIZARDRY.

“The forest hides many secrets” –Ronan, the centaure. (1991)

A deep roar sounded as the sky began to brighten. A huge motorcycle landed on the eastern border of the forest. The figure astride it dismounted the conveyance and hastened towards the forest. As the birds started chirping nearby, a lone figure clad in a big jacket, long tangles of bushy black hair on his head and a beard that hid most of his face, walked into the woods carrying a small bundle of blankets in one hand. Nearly twice as tall as a normal man and five times wider, he had one purpose in entering these woods.

The man knew that he was under strict orders from Professor Dumbledore to deliver the child to Little Whinging by midnight; however, he had seen the state of the child’s health when picking him up. The whole house had been demolished, many splinters of which scratched the child’s hands and face. The child also had a big lightening bolt-shaped gash on his forehead still oozing blood even though he was trying to staunch it. After borrowing Sirius Black’s bike, he made his way to this forest. He felt guilty for disobeying Professor Dumbledore’s orders; but looking again at the tyke in the blankets soothed his conscience. Given what the child had survived, he needed to be looked at by a healer. After witnessing how the Wizarding World took the news, the man knew he couldn’t take the child to St. Mungo’s or to the Hospital Wing of Hogwarts; students would surely be there and he didn’t want anyone to know about the child.

The child was Harry James Potter, son of James and Lily, his two favored students. They were both brave people, but now they were dead. As the man wiped his beady eyes with a handkerchief, he thought how they had left their child alone in this world.

The baby sniffed again, and the man hurried his steps. He had to get Harry seen by those ancient healers; they would be able to heal him.

Many witches and wizards believed themselves superior to all other races. The Ministry thought they had control over all of them, the fools. The truth was there were others races that were a great deal more powerful than witches and wizards. One of those races was the Elves, who had walked the Earth since long before the time of Merlin.

He never rested as he continued deeper into the woods, though after walking for hours, he hurried his steps to reach his destination sooner. He felt out of breath and he knew he would need to take a quick break if he didn’t get there soon.

Many people believed that the forest was not that huge, as he himself had made rounds on its perimeter; but it was much denser and wider from the inside, just like any other enchanted place.

He thought back to his time as a young student, when he had been too curious for his own good. He had ventured many times into this forest to see what secrets it hid beneath its shadows, and had found wolf cubs, centaurs, unicorns and many other creatures for which this forest was home. The forest here gave his friend, Aragog, a home to live in.

At the crack of dawn of his first day as Professor Dumbledore’s appointed gamekeeper, he had made his first deeper venture into these woods. He had walked for what seemed like hours that day. At midday, as he wiped the sweat from his forehead, he had decided to rest his weary legs. He had found a spot near one of the trees to take the much needed respite. When he had wakened up, he had been surrounded by many arrows pointed at his face. Looking past these deadly weapons, he had seen the face of an eternal being for the first time and came to know of their existence.

Shaking himself out of that memory, which made him look wilder than before, he carried on. After a while, he felt like he was being watched; as former experience had taught him that his hosts would not like trespassing, he stopped altogether. He awaited for his hosts to show themselves. After a while, barely making a noise, eight figures dropped onto the ground. He took a deep breath and carefully chose what to say next.

“I plead yeh to take meself ter yer leader.”

The arrows were lowered slightly and a figure, with dark brown hair and a soft face stepped forward. “What business do you have with our Lord?”, she asked him. She then lowered her sharp eyes on the bundle in his hand and continued in a sharp voice, “and what are you doing with a child in these woods?”

“He’s the reason why I wanna meet yer leader. He’s hurt. An’ I dunno anyone who can heal ‘is wound on ‘is forehead” replied the gamekeeper and hurriedly showed the child to the lady in front of him.

The elf maiden lightly touched the head of the child and reeled back. “That is no normal wound. Why have you not taken the child to one your healers?”

“I can’ take ‘im to any of ’em. After wha’ he survived las’ nigh’, ‘here is no one who can treat ‘im ‘cept yer leader”, the gamekeeper pleaded.

The elf maiden narrowed her eyes further. “You sound quite sure about it, Perehanaco.”

Before the elf maiden could say further, an elf-man, with a slight sparkle in his eyes, came forward.

“He is known to me, sister. He would not have come except in dire need.”

Though the gamekeeper did not understand a word of their melodious language, he recognized the speaker and hoped that maybe he wouldn’t have to return disheartened.

After their first encounter, he learned that these beings were very queer folks. Though they had let him go, they had made him take an oath to never breathe a word about their existence in the forest. Since that day, he had ensured he never ventured this deep into the forest again, preferring to make rounds on the perimeter. After a few weeks, though, Professor Slughorn had tasked him to harvest a few ingredients from the forest. As he went to search for the herbs, he found a foal wounded. When he began to approach the young beast, it started thrashing wildly. He hurried over to the foal and tried to stop it from getting more injured. Just then a figure dropped from the tree and began saying something in a beautiful, strange language to the foal; the foal began to calm down slowly. After recovering from the shock, the half giant began treating the wound. The moment it was done, the foal rose up slowly and left into the woods.The half giant had turned towards the Elf and eyed him warily but the Elf had just put his hand over his heart, said “I thank thee for helping the foal,” and turned and left, blending into the woods, leaving a dumbfounded gamekeeper in his wake. After that incident, they had quickly become acquainted. Whenever the half giant treated injured animals, the Elf would calm the animal down or assist in the actual healing.

“Well meet Perehanaco,” Ohtar said with a nod.

“Ummm…’ello to yer too, sir,” replied the gamekeeper with an awkward bow and turned to look towards the lady.

The elf maiden turned to stare pensively towards the elf-man, but the elf-man just looked back decisively. After awhile, the elf maiden finally said “If you desire to meet our lord, you must be blindfolded, Perehanaco. The decision to help you or not lies with our lord.” She then turned to addressed the rest, “Blindfold him and guide him so the hiná is not further wounded.”

The half-giant eyes widened at the elf maiden and he spluttered.

“But…but how do yer think I’m goin’ to walk with Harry in me arms?”

Barely stopping, the elf maiden spoke “The one behind you shall guide your steps.” Then she added with upturned lips “Though if you doubt your ability, Perehanaco, I advise you to hand over the child over to Ohtar for the rest of your journey.” As she spoke, she pointed towards the Elf he was acquainted with.

Knowing that he could not say anything about the blindfold, nor could he further injure Harry in his pride, he carefully handed the toddler over to Ohtar. The elf-man behind him placed the blindfold over his eyes.

‘Soon he ‘ill be in better hands’ Hagrid thought as he was blindly lead into the forest.

In the heart of the forest there lay a heavy enchantment surrounding the trees. The magic there would confuse the purpose of any wanderer; diverting them from continuing on the path. The trees here were much taller and denser, as if they were hiding something or someone. In these woods lived the Elves. Their architecture and magic was such that a stranger might pass through their land from end to end and see none of them.

As Hagrid was led into the woods, the elf maiden in the front went ahead to let the lords know about the situation. In one of the particularly large trees there were two large, connected flets, which the lords often used as their court for matters of government. The two Elven Lords were taking counsel inside the sitting room-like flet, as the elf maiden waited for their permission to enter. The Lord sitting on the right beckoned her inside. Upon crossing the threshold, the elf maiden bowed slightly before both the lords.

“My Lords, Rubeus, son of Hagrid, asks for medical aid from you,” stated the elf maiden.

“Why have you allowed a Firimor so close to our borders, Allindë?” asked the Lord of Noldor exiles, Artulco, with stern eyes.

“The Perehanaco carries with him a hiná, who has a grave injury on his forehead, Atar” replied the elf maiden in a calm voice.

“And that is enough reason to let a Perehanaco come into our lands, it seems” drawled the Telerin Lord, Varno, from the left side.

“My lord, the hiná bears a wound which has a shard of soul lodged within. The wound has not healed. If not treated immediately, the hiná might die” Allindë stated while looking at the Lord of Teleri. “The Perehanaco is the same one who took an oath to never reveal our presence, Lord Varno”, she added as an afterthought.

Lord Artulco considered for a moment, looking pensively at the elf maiden. “My decision is to let the hiná be brought to be healed,” he finally decided.

Lord Varno turned to look at the Lord of Noldor Exiles with undecipherable eyes. “If that is indeed your will Lord Artulco,” he replied after a moment, “then so be it.” He turned his ageless blue eyes towards the elf maiden and continued, “But the Perehanaco will not set one foot inside our home. He must wait at the borders.”

“Agreed,” replied Artulco with a nod towards the Lord of Teleri. With a slight bow, the elf maiden returned to the Perehanaco.

As the elf maiden reached them, she ordered her patrol to remove the blindfold. The other elves looked curious at the command, but obeyed nonetheless.

“Our Lord has decided to aid you,” she told him.

Hagrid was overcome with relief, but then noticed the elf maiden’s unreadable eyes and knew that their help was not free.

“So wha’ is yer price?” Hagrid asked in his blissful unawareness, as he searched the many pockets of his coat for coins. If he had looked up, he would have noticed Ohtar suppressing a sigh and the elf maiden’s eyes become cold and hard.

Before Hagrid could open his mouth again, the elf maiden said, “Our Lord has given the child permission to enter, but has denied it to you. You are not allowed within our realm. You will remain here until we return the child to you.” The elf maiden ensured he understood with her stern eyes.

“But…but yer can’ ‘spect meh to stay here?” spluttered Hagrid.

“Yes, we do expect that from you. That is the condition of our aid,” replied the elf maiden with a raised eyebrow.

As he opened his mouth to disagree, Hagrid’s eyes fell on Harry’s wounds. He knew that if he wanted Harry to be treated, he had to agree. With a sigh, he nodded his head at the lady in front of him and let them take Harry with them for healing. The elf maiden took the child from Ohtar, said something sharply, and turned to leave. The others started to spread out, bows in hand. However, before the lady could leave, Hagrid called out “Can yer bring Harry before night? I have to brin’ ‘im to someone.”

The elf maiden turned slightly and replied, “I can promise nothing, Perehanaco” and left.

When the elf maiden brought the child into the healing area, she could see the lords waiting with a light blond-haired elf maiden. They turned their heads and lowered their eyes on the hina in the elf maiden’s hand.

“Deposit the hiná here, Noldo,” the other elf maiden said motioning to the bed.

Allindë nodded with a slight smirk. “As you wish, Teler” she replied haughtily with a mock bow.

“You were right. This wound indeed looks poisoned,” stated Lord Artulco, his forehead creased, oblivious to conversation of both niś.

“We cannot delay any longer. We must cleanse and stitch the wounds. Alassëa, try to connect with his fëa to disentangle the shard from it,” Lord Varno ordered, his blue eyes cold and hard.

“You may leave now, selyë; we will send for you when the hiná is healed,” said Lord Artulco, without looking up from where he was crushing the herbs. He was obviously not in the mood to have both niś in the same room.

The elf maiden left the healing house with one last look at the child. On her way to her flet, Allindë told a nearby elf-man to send bread, water and honey to the borders. As the sky grew dark, an elf maiden came and informed her that her presence was requested at the healing house, immediately.

Just as Allindë reached the chambers, Lord Artulco beckoned her inside.

He noticed her questioning eyes on the hiná sleeping peacefully on the bed. “All the wounds on his hroä are healed,” the lord said.

“Except the one on his fëa,” stated Allindë, as she looked at Lord Artulco who inclined his head.

“That is because the shard has entangled itself with his fëa, and to try to disentangle those would kill the hiná,” stated light haired healer from behind.

Allindë thought for a moment. “Is the hiná fit to be returned to his guardian, Teleri?” she asked with a nod towards the child.

“Indeed, the hiná is fit enough for now,” replied the healer.

The hesto nodded, picked up the child, and left the chambers.

As she reached the borders with the child, the half giant was snoring quite loudly. It was a wonder nothing had disturbed them, given the racket the Perihannacò was making. Upon noticing the return of his sister, Ohtar quickly woke up the gamekeeper.

“We did what we could to heal the child’s wounds,” Allindë said, handing over the child to the half giant.

The gamekeeper saw that all the wounds were healed, as if they had never happened…save for the one on his forehead. The elf maiden noticed the half giant’s attention, and said in a soft voice “He will always have that scar. We apologize.”

Though the half giant was disheartened by seeing the scar on his charge’s forehead, he knew that after what the child survived he should be thankful that he was healed.

“No, no…. I well…’s ok. I mean, thank yer for yer help. It’s nothing serious righ’?” he asked, soberly.

The elf maiden was silent for a while. With an inconspicuous sigh, she replied carefully, “No, there is no immediate danger to the child for now.”

The half giant did not notice anything and nodded to the elf maiden, sighing in relief. The elf maiden noticed that the half giant did not understand what he had just been told, but made no move to correct him. They again blindfolded him, after he handed the hiná again to Ohtar, and escorted him to the place they had found him.

After the blindfold was removed, the half giant thanked his companions again for their help, and left with the child. He never noticed that the stars had changed their alignment, signalling that a new future had been written.

Quenya Translations:

Perehanaco- (Half giant)

selyë- (daughter)

Hesto- (captain)

Hiná – child


Hroä- (Body)

Atar- father
I made a few notable changes. As you can see in place elleth and ellon I used elf maiden and elf-man, it is because in Quenya these words are not used, as I am trying my best to stick with Tolkien. About the word Perehanaco, well I took a few liberties in creating that words *sheepishly*. I know many of you have thought that why I am making it a Hobbit crossover and not Similliarion one, it is just that you will see in future why I did that.
Most of my characters are OCs except those from the canon themselves.
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