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I really hope you enjoy this; it has been a favorite to work on recently and new chapters should be coming out frequently. It was inspired by me reading the part in the Council of Elrond where Legolas tells of Gollum escaping the Mirkwood elves and I wondered what a detailed view at that would be like. Well, here you go–hope you enjoy and I’d really appreciate to hear what you have to say 🙂


He crept up, slowly, carefully behind it, silently licking his lips. “Yessss…” he screeched, shoving the wriggling fish into his mouth. He looked around, deciding to be silent, watching the surrounding area with wide eyes. Gollum’s precious was gone, gone, gone. He felt empty, miserable, and angry without it, although it had been stolen quite a bit ago by that… what was the miserable riddler’s name… Ah, Bagginsssss… Baggins stole his precious. Baggins would never make that mistake again, under Gollum’s eye.

Legolas heard the clatter of hooves at the gate. He jumped up, going so fast that he nearly ended up sliding down the hall. The prince went down a flight of stairs, flinging open the door to the stable. He was just in time to see Mithrandir come trotting in on his horse. The wizard paid no attention to Legolas, hurriedly getting off his horse, the guards struggling with something large and unwieldy.

The elven prince hurried over. Mithrandir put out his arm, stopping Legolas with a silent look. A horrible screeching cry sounded from the… thing… the guards were trying to take to the dungeon. Legolas covered his ears, then after it died down, he looked at the wizard with wide eyes.

“Gollum,” said the wizard in a low voice.

“Gollum?” the elf softly repeated, wondering what kind of creature it could possibly be. Legolas went over to where the guards were trying to drag it through the doorway, to the dungeons down below. It was a miserable and howling sort of thing, like a skeleton. The prince took one side of the screeching Gollum and helped them try to carry it down.

It was slow work, with Gollum twisting, biting, clawing. Legolas hurriedly let go as they forced it into a cell in the dungeon, and the creature crawled into a corner, sounding like it was softly talking to itself. The prince watched for a few more moments, mystified by the creature. Then he turned to Mithrandir.

“Mith–” he started. The wizard cut him off, silently reminding him of his other name.

“Sorry… Gandalf,” the prince continued, “Why do we put him in one of the nicest cells? Doesn’t he deserve, from what I’ve seen of him, to be further underground?”

“No…” replied Gandalf, drawing the word out, “The deep places of the earth have blackened his heart enough already. There may be some hope for him yet.”

Legolas had plenty more questions to ask, but thinking better of it, he kept his mouth closed, and wondered how the wizard had managed to capture this Gollum in the first place.

After dinner later in the evening, Legolas slipped out of the hall, curiosity getting the better of him as he headed down to where Gollum was being held. One of the other elves was already there, watching the creature from across the room, and said, “He refuses to eat. It’s his own fault if he starves.”

Gollum gave a howl, and jumping up, ran over to the prince. “Nassssty food they gives us. Give us something good to eats,” he pleaded.

Legolas was taken aback. It was speaking. “What… would you like?”

“No nassssty food. Give us a juicy fish.”

Fortunately, Gandalf had come down at this moment. Legolas turned to him.

“One of the guards will get it for him,” the wizard said, waving a hand at the nearest one, who obeyed and went out to where the river flowed out of the palace.

The prince turned to Gandalf. “It speaks, if not civily,” Legolas said, surprised.

“There is one thing you must learn yet, my lad. This Gollum is not meant to be an ‘it’. Gollum is a ‘he’ like everyone else in this palace. There are very few in this world that reserve that low rank, even Gollum.”

“What was he, Mith–Gandalf?” Legolas asked.

“Gollum? I think he still is something. Does he remind you of any race in particular?”

“He could not be of elf or mankind. Small enough to be a dwarf, but I doubt it.” The Elf searched his brain. “Wait… there is something in the stories, that I used to read as an elfling. Another race, far from here, and very small they were.”

Gandalf nodded understandingly. “A Halfling.”

“That’s right,” Legolas said, the truth dawning on him, “But weren’t they merry, lively creatures? How could one sink… low? Like this?”

“Do not bother an old wizard with more questions than he’d care to answer for one night,” Gandalf replied, heading off towards his chambers. The prince followed.


The wizard made a sound of disapproval. A few more flights of stairs they went. Legolas was about to turn down the opposite hallway.

“Before I forget, my boy,” said Gandalf, “There is another reason I am here. Go see your father. He will decide what to do with you.”

Maybe some adventure. What the Elf was hoping for. Not caring how late it was, Legolas started down the hallway at a run. Reaching his father’s room, he knocked briefly then opened the door.

“Ada?” he said, walking in. Thranduil was seated at his desk. He sighed.

“Legolas, it is the late hours of the night. Wait for tomorrow.”

“You’re awake,” replied the prince, “Even if it is late, and I won’t be able to sleep until you tell me. Please, Ada, what is it that Gandalf knows of and I do not?”

Thranduil gave it his best shot at pretending not to understand. He shuffled a few papers around. The prince had seated himself in a chair with a determined look on his face.

“I do not concern myself with the matters of wizards, my son,” the king said. Taking a look at the younger elf’s face, he consented.

“There is to be a council at Elrond’s, but that is some time from now. We just received word of it today. I will be thinking it over as to who should go, and I don’t want to get your hopes up, but that is a while from now. No more from you, so go to bed.”

Legolas nodded. “Even if it is a lengthy and boring council, at least there might be a speck of adventure in it.”

Not even a wizard could predict how the plans of the next few months would unfold.


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