Disclaimer: The characters and settings contained in this fic belong to the master himself: Tolkien. The plot is based on his works concerning the life of Aragorn. I am not claiming ownership, simply an abiding love of his works.

Gilraen hated when Arathorn left. He was always somewhere with the sons of Elrond, putting himself in danger for his people. She would never understand it. Especially since Aragorn had been born, she had asked, no, pleaded, that he stay home and let others do the fighting. Today he had left with Elladan and Elrohir once again without saying goodbye to Aragorn. She had had to explain, once again, that Ada needed to go with those men to help protect her Aragorn. Speaking of whom…

“Nana!” he cried, “I go out and play!”

“Aragorn, I’m sorry, but Ada says that it is too dangerous to go out and play right now.” Aragorn began to cry.

“Nana!” he whined, “Why?”

“I don’t know why there are dangers here, but there are,” Gilraen replied, “I don’t like it, either, if it makes you feel any better.”

Aragorn looked up at his mother. “Play inside?” he asked.

“Of course, Aragorn,” Gilraen replied, “We can always play inside.”

Aragorn took out his toys and brought them out to the center of the room. They played well into the afternoon, when they heard the sound of horses approaching their home. “Ada?” Aragorn asked.

He ran out the door straight into Elrohir. “Hi,” he said, “Where Ada?”

“Hello, young man,” Elrohir said, “Where is your naneth?”

“Inside,” Aragorn replied. Elrohir thanked him politely and went inside the house. Aragorn made to follow him, but was stopped by Elladan.

“You can stay outside with me,” he said, “Elrohir needs to talk to your nana inside.”

“Why?” Aragorn queried.

“He has news for her.”

“What news?”

Elladan laughed. “That is not for you to know. Yet.”

“Aww…” Aragorn whined. Gilraen rushed out the door to hug her son. Tears ran down her cheeks. “Nana?” Aragorn said, “What’s wrong, Nana?”

Elrohir glanced sharply at his brother. “You didn’t tell him?”

Elladan shook his head.

Elrohir gestured to Gilraen. “Do you think she is ready to tell him?”

Elladan touched Gilraen’s shoulder. “Let me take him for a ride and tell him,” he said. Gilraen nodded. “Come, Aragorn. We are going for a ride.”

“Are you going to tell me why Nana is upset?”


They walked to the paddock where Elladan and Elrohir had taken their horses. Elladan picked up Aragorn. “Up you get!” he said. Once he was sure that Aragorn was secure on the horse, Elladan mounted behind him. They rode away.

Once they were a suitable distance away, Elladan began to tell Aragorn what had happened. “Ada won’t be coming back,” he said.

“Will I ever see him again?” Aragorn asked, almost in tears.

“I don’t know, Aragorn, I honestly don’t know.” Elladan dismounted and helped Aragorn get down. They sat together and Aragorn let Elladan hold him while he cried.

When they got back, Elrohir said that he had talked to Gilraen and they had decided that it would be best for mother and son to go to Imladris and for Aragorn to be fostered there. Since it was late, the sons of Elrond spent the night and they started in the morning. The ride to Imladris was uneventful, although Gilraen and Aragorn were exhausted by the time they got there.

Elrond met them at the House and told his sons to take Aragorn to a room so he could sleep. He asked Gilraen to talk to him. Aragorn went with Elladan and Elrohir without question. It was when they tried to get him to take a bath that they ran into a problem. Aragorn did not want to take a bath. In the process of getting Aragorn into the tub, the twin lords of Imladris were soaked. Aragorn finally made it to bed and fell asleep as soon as his head hit the pillow.

The next morning Aragorn was woken early. “Good morning Estel!” Elrohir said brightly.

“Who Estel?” Aragorn asked.

“You!” Elladan joined.

“NO! I Aragorn!”

“This is going to be difficult,” Elrohir muttered.

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