I couldn’t get the lines to cooperate, so please bear with it…hopefullly it’s still readable.

Old Mr. Tom B. was in to take his tea
With fair Goldberry – what? The table set for three?What was up with the extra cup?Was another guest to sup
At Tom B’s house today?
Do day! True day!
An extra place today was set
At Bombadil’s place for tea.

Soon came a horse riding through the gorse
With a well-known wizard whose beard was coarse:
Gandalf the Grey to pay a visit that day
To Tom B’s house by the river.
Shiver! Giver!
A wizard came to pay a call
At old Tom’s house by the river.

In they went and Goldberry sent
To fetch the cake that for today was meant
With blueberries, blackberries, strawberries n’ more’
Atop the snow-white icing.
You sing! I sing!
With dainty hands she had placed these treats
Atop the snow-white icing.

The tasty smell floated through the dell
To a place in the forest where an oak fell.
The fairy lights, like colored wights, gleamed here nights
Lights marking the swift fays’ flights!
Their lights! Their flights!
The delicious smell had reached this place
Lights marking pixie paths.

The dell awoke; clustered like a smoke
Fairies chittered and squeaked, flying from the old oak.
“By the Sun! What fun! Cake is better than any old bun!”
A green fairy excitedly chittered.
Flittered! Skittered!
“Let us go! Delicious cake awaits!”
The pixies happily flittered.

Spreading pale wings, darting off as if from springs,
A rainbow of color glinted off their wings
Darting ‘cross the moss so eyes were at a loss,
Making a beeline to Bombadil’s valley.
Alley! Tally!
With a flick of their wings and a giggle
They made a beeline to Tom B.’s house!

The three had just sat down to tea
When from some place they could not see
A sound of flittering, skittering, and chittering
Was heard outside the door!
The floor! The moor!
They heard a sound of giggling
From outside the door.

Then in the window blew; and in the window flew
The pucks and pixies in red, green, and blue
Flying round their heads and under the beds,
And then stole Gandalf’s pointy hat!
Cat! Mat!
The vexing things flew round the room
Then stole Gandaf’s pointy hat!

The wizard’s teeth did gnash, and his eyes did flash!
Unless someone stopped him, his next action would be rash!
Sensing his mood, the fays were MORE rude – throwing food
And dishes in Gandalf’s face!
His place! His mace!
Chortling madly at his rage
They threw some jam in Gandalf’s face!

Just as it all had come to a head, Goldberry came and softly said,
“Fie, cousins mine! Fly now, back to your leafy bed!”
“Back to your tree! Away from me! Thou had best flee!”
Intoned the sweet Goldberry.
Fairy! Merry!
The pucks all fled out the window swift
When fair Goldberry did speak!

Goldberry brought some tarts out now; with a bow
Handed them to Gandalf (who had his hat back now).
But the cake was not to be seen -the fairies mean had picked it clean!’
Only a crumb was left on th dish!
The wish! The dish!
Those pixies cruel had swiped the cake
Leaving nought but a few crumbs!

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