A/N: OK, first thing’s first, Erestor is a woman. Yes, I’ve done another sex change, but this one was a challenge/request from a reader of Lady Glorfindel, Griffo Bumbleroot, so s/he better be reading this *glare*. Because I’ve already done a boy-to-girl and there are so many romances out there, I’ve tried to do something a little different, so here’s a warning; don’t be too sure that it will be a Glorfindel/Erestor ending.

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Chapter 1.

“So Ampata, you’re a girl.”
-Willow, ‘Inca Mummy Girl’, Season 2, BtVS

Erestor sat in her favourite chair located by one of the windows in the library, which had a particularly splendid view of the valley. The sun was just setting, giving the valley a wonderful, warm, orange glow. In her hands was her favourite book. She was simply enjoying a moment of peace. She was just reaching her favourite part when a certain elf lord seated himself opposite her and, with a cheery greeting, shattered the atmosphere into a thousand pieces.
She sighed inwardly. Maybe if she ignored him, he would go away. However, the Valar were not smiling down on her at that moment and her book was snatched out of her grasp. Resisting the urge to sigh, she went about trying to get rid of Glorfindel in the quickest possible way.
“What do you want, Glorfindel?”
Glorfindel was a tall and extremely attractive elf, not only because of his well-built body and handsome face, but because of his charm. However, he did have a rather scandalous reputation: he could often be seen charming a maid in the corner or leading a woman away, undoubtedly to his bed chambers.
“You are your usual charming self this evening.”
“I am glad. Now what do you want?”
Glorfindel shook his head in mock disappointment. “Such a hostile response, just because I thought you’d like to know that the bell rang for dinner ten minutes ago.”
Erestor mentally scolded herself for not hearing the bell but, not wanting Glorfindel to see her at a disadvantage, she looked out through the window. “I am perfectly capable of hearing; I merely wished to forego dinner for some peace and quite.”
“Well that just won’t do, I just can’t let you starve.”
She didn’t know why he was taking such interest in her diet … probably just to annoy her. It was well known to all of Imladris that they hated each other. She tried again to rid herself of him. “I will eat something later.”
Unfortunately, this seemed to push him into action. Tossing the book onto a nearby table – and carelessly creasing several pages – earned him a glare from Erestor but, before she could start a lecture on the proper treatment of books, he pulled her out of her chair and started talking.
“I’m afraid I can’t let that happen and, if you object again, I will sit with you until you do eat. You would have to sit here all night and … enjoy my conversation.”
He gave her his otherwise charming smile as she accepted defeat. She turned and walk away from him: all she had wanted was to read her book. Was that really so much to ask for? As she left the library, Glorfindel fell into step beside her.
As they walked to the main hall, she felt a stab of annoyance as Glorfindel cleared his throat and attempted to begin a conversation with her. Why did he insist on talking all the damn time? She did not know what he was up to, but she was not going to let him win.
“What were you reading, friend?”
Erestor didn’t even try to hide her scorn at the last part: what on Arda was he playing at? “Nothing that would interest you, Lord Glorfindel.”
“You seem so sure.”
“That would be because I am so sure. I know you well enough to know that you would hate it.”
Glorfindel raised a questioning eyebrow. “Should I be complimented? Perhaps if you know me so well, you should pick out a book for me. Then we will see how well you know me.”
Realization suddenly hit Erestor like a bolt of lightning, and she stopped dead in her tracks. “No,” she said, causing Glorfindel to stop and turn to look at her curiously. “No, not me?”
“Well, if you object to finding me a book that much-”
“I’m not talking about that.”
“I’m sorry, Erestor, but I have no idea what you’re talking about.” A gleam in his eyes told Erestor that not only did he know exactly what she was talking about, but he was most certainly enjoying this.
“I am not one of your one nightly bed-warmers.”
Glorfindel stepped forward with a wicked grin on his face. “Perhaps you would you like to be my bed-warmer for more than one night?”
Though her anger was rising, she replied steadily, her gaze steely: “I am not an idiot. You will find that I will not be seduced by you so easily.”
She continued on her way, but as she passed Glorfindel, he spoke up. “I accept your challenge.”
She spun round to the grinning Glorfindel. “What challenge?”
“I accept the challenge to seduce you.”
“I never challenged you.”
“Nevertheless, I accept.”
“How can you accept a challenge that does not exist?”
“Well, as to your ‘challenge’, it really would depend on how one interprets what you said. As a diplomat you really should be more careful,” he continued on his way to the hall, pushing past Erestor. “Now we should make our way to dinner; we really wouldn’t want to be any later now, would we? It might look suspicious?”
Erestor followed behind him, muttering the word ‘idiot’ under her breath.

End of Chapter 5.

So what you think? I have several ideas for this story, but I’m not sure how long it will be. I guess it all depends on how popular it is. So R/R, but no comments on how Erestor is supposed to be a guy.

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