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Ok, this involves some suggestive material… you may take these suggestions as you will let your mind wander. This is the 1st story I’ve posted here, be kind. I hope you enjoy this little humor fic! R&R!!!

Disclaimer: I do not own LOTR or the merchandise that it has brought which strictly belongs to JRR Tolkien and his estate.

Time Setting: PRE-LOTR


It was a warm June morning, all had been quiet in Rivendell, and truthfully he liked it that way.

Irvania had come from her spring holiday in Lorien, and Glorfindel had missed her terribly. He spent the night in celebration as to the new home-coming and the arrival of the coming Summer.

The finest wines and snacks had been served as they danced in the happiness of what was to come and enjoying the company of friends and family.

All celebrations and noise had died out around 1 AM, and Glorfindel had not been able to find his daughter at the end of the party.

Glorfindel walked into the hallway from his room, stopping when he heard a cry of panic from his daughter’s room.

“Get it out!!! Now!”

“I’m trying Irvania!”

Elrohir, what was he doing in Irvania’s room at such a hour in the morning?

“Elrohir! It hurts so bad!” his daughter’s voice came from the room.

“Well if you’d just sit still, I can’t get it out with your squirming!” Elrohir shouted back.

What was Elrohir doing?!?

“Oh! I should’ve never agreed to let you do this!” Irvania exclaimed.

Elrohir’s voice quickly replied, “You act as if this is your first time.”

“It is!”

Glorfindel’s face filled with rage which he’d tried to keep at a degree. The elven advisor had had enough! No one would defile his daughter while he just stood outside and listened. “Irvania! I’m coming in!”

The bedroom door burst open, Glorfindel scanned the room, his brow creased in confusion as he took in the view. “What are you doing?”

An elvish bow lay on the floor, half way stained, two cloths lay beside it as well as a bowl of deep chocolate oak stainer.

His daughter sat on the bed, her index finger in Elrohir’s steady hand as he tried to abstract something from it with a pair of tweezers. “Got it!” he exclaimed as he pulled back, revealing a splinter in the clasps of the tweezer.

“A splinter? You, you were getting a splinter out of her finger.” Glorfindel felt his body ease up.

Irvania ran to hug her father, “Yes! And it hurt very bad! What did you think Ro and I were doing?”

“Well, I umm, er, ah, carry on.” Glorfindel kissed his daughter’s head before hurriedly leaving. He carefully closed the door, leaning on it as he breathed a sigh of relief.

“Who’s in that room Glorfindel?” Elrond asked a hint of confusion and curiousity in his voice as he stared at his trusted advisor.

Glorfindel smiled innocently, “Irvania and Elrohir. Thank the Valar Elrohir got that out, Irvania was in so much pain since it was her first time.” He laughed at the look of utter confusion and disapproval on his lord’s face as he turned and walked down the hallway.

“First time… first time for what? Glorfindel! Don’t you walk away from me when I’m talking to you! Glorfindel!”

Glorfindel walked down the hall, with a curious elven lord on his heels and the reassurance that there’s always things that aren’t exactly as they seem.

~The End~

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