Several pairs of Hobbit feet galloped through the thick green grass of the Shire. The small group of children was racing towards the road, where they had seen a tall figure with a grey, pointed hat, walking along quietly, humming softly. And that could mean only one thing.

“Gandalf!” one girl cried happily as she charged ahead of her friends, eager for a glimpse of the traveler. “Gandalf! You came back! Did you bring fireworks, Gandalf?”

The wizard smiled at her, and produced a small blast of sparks and color- enough to overjoy the hobbit children. He chuckled to himself, amused, as he continued up the road and into the Shire. It was mid-morning, and of course, most Hobbits were out and tending to their business. And in a matter, so was he. Gandalf was to have a meeting, of sorts, regarding an adventure later in the day. And if he did not have another member to join the company, then the leader of the quest could be angered.

Who to pick?, Gandalf thought as he went on his way, not noticing when Hobbits stopped and stared. The one chosen must be of a sound mind and body, and not one to shy away from danger. Some of the other wizards, namely Saruman, would have laughed at Gandalf for thinking to find a burglar in such a race as Hobbits. But Gandalf was convinced: he would find the next member of the company here in the Shire.
A group of Sackville-Bagginses caught Gandalf’s eye just then. They were arguing anomst themselves, not caring about the stares they were receiving. Certainly not one of them, Gandalf thought with a cringe.

There. At the top of a hill, a young Hobbit was sitting out in front of his house, smoking and creating smoke rings. He looked quiet, respectable, and nothing at all like a burglar. His name was known to many: Bilbo Baggins. But upon looking at him, Gandalf had made up his mind. He walked to the top of the hill and crossed the path into the hobbit’s home. Gandalf waved his hand, and the smoke emanating from the pipe turned into a swirl and floated into the hobbit’s face.
Bilbo coughed and opened his eyes, surprised and flustered to see the tall stranger standing before him. He was so surprised that the only thing he could say was, “Good Morning.”
Gandalf looked once again at the hobbit. Yes, although he looked nothing like a burglar, a burglar he would be. Confident he had made the right choice, he asked:
“What do you mean, ‘good morning?'”

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