Part 1 – Rescue

In an ordinary lavender painted bedroom of a comfortable but unremarkable old house in Oxford, a teenaged girl tossed and turned upon the bed. The girl with the long bushy brown hair suddenly shot bolt upright screaming, “HARRY!! NO!! NO!!” before falling back into oblivion.

From nearby the girl’s parents were already on their way, as this was now becoming a routine they would dearly love to break. But this time was different, for try as they could, their only child would not wake.

Far away in Ottery St. Catchpole, in a house that was anything but ordinary, the youngest son of the household was also tossing and turning in the bright orange bedroom that he shared with his best friend when he came to visit. He also suddenly shot bolt upright and screamed into the early hours of the morning,” HARRY !! NO!!” before he too fell back into the darkness.

The Weasley family had also had little sleep over the last two weeks since their two youngest had come home from Hogwarts for the summer holidays. With heavy hearts Molly and Arthur once again made their way to Ron’s room to try and allay his fears. Ginny was already on her way to make some hot chocolate for everyone. Molly as usual made her way to the bed. Instinct took over, for the mother of seven children who immediately noted that this time was different. If she didn’t know better she would have thought that it was a barely breathing shell of her son that she was looking at. So she set to work to try and wake him, her immediate thought that he had relapsed from his injuries received at the Ministry of Magic.


Helen and Ross Granger became even more worried when after thirty minutes they still couldn’t wake Hermione. She was deathly still and barely drawing breath. ” I don’t know what to do for her, do you think we should contact the school nurse?” Helen whispered as she held her daughter’s slowly cooling hand.

They both jumped when they heard a voice calling out from downstairs, ” Helen, Ross, Hermione are you up?” They both recognized Arthur Weasley’s voice and were up and running down the stairs before you could say wand. Arthur was standing in the middle of their living room dusting floo powder off himself.

“Arthur, you don’t know how happy we are to see you” Helen raced over and gave Arthur a relieved hug, before stepping back quickly and scanning his face anxiously.

” I was afraid of that, I gather Hermione is also unconscious then,” Arthur said looking into her fear filled eyes.

Ross stared at him, ” Ron too? Let me guess the last thing he screamed was ” Harry, No.”

“We’ve already called Professor Dumbledore, and he is going to check on Harry then meet us at the Burrow. I suggest you wrap Hermione up in a blanket, as you can see floo travel can be a bit dirty. Don’t forget her wand. Then we’ll go and see if Dumbledore knows what this is about.”

Helen went to grab some clothes for herself and Ross, while Ross went to get Hermione ready.
Fifteen minutes later the four of them were in the middle of the living room of the Burrow and Ross was laying his daughter on a couch beside Ron who indeed looked to be in the same state as Hermione except there was now a faint golden glow resting over both of them. Ross rearranged the blanket to cover the unmoving form. He stepped back and turned to the Weasleys. “Are they sick from their injuries? Whatever this is, it can’t be normal. Shouldn’t we call a doctor?”

“No they are not sick from their injuries, I believe Harry is the cause of the state they are in.
It appears that Harry’s magic has been severely drained.” Professor Albus Dumbledore was walking from the fireplace carrying Harry Potter wrapped in a blanket. Although he showed the same symptoms as his friends there was also something else.

Dumbledore walked over to the couch, ” Molly could you please extend the couch so I can put Harry with his friends?” Molly was shocked to see her adopted son glowing gently with a pulse that alternated first a bright white then a pale gold. She seemed incapable of movement so Arthur said the incantation and the couch widened enough to accommodate all three teens comfortably.

Harry was placed between his two friends and Dumbledore started to arrange the blankets so the three teens were all covered by the same one, but before he could complete this, both Ron and Hermione turned onto their sides and placed a hand around each of Harry’s and squeezed tightly, then they placed their other hands on each of Harry’s shoulders. A little colour finally found its way into their faces but Harry’s remained unchanged.

Dumbledore backed away from the trio shaking his head to clear the thoughts and emotions that threatened to crush him. He saw the others in the room looking towards the couch with a mixture of fear and puzzlement. Looking at Harry, Dumbledore suddenly took the blanket off. He observed the glow surrounding Harry and saw that, while it still pulsed, there was a lot more white than gold now.

“I believe that Ron and Hermione are keeping Harry anchored here by their sheer will, but they may well need our help to come back. I’ll explain what I know later, but I need you to trust me now and save your questions.” Dumbledore paused, correctly taking their silence for assent.

“Molly, Arthur, Helen and Ross I am going to ask you to make some difficult choices. First whoever has the strongest bond with their child will now need to become their anchor to this world.” Ginny who had been watching quietly over the three on the couch, looked up to see a myriad of emotions in all the adults’ eyes. Each couple seemed to have a conversation with no words, and then Arthur and Ross stepped forward towards the couch, each receiving encouraging kisses from their wives. Molly beckoned Ginny to her, but Ginny shook her head refused to leave her brother and friends.

“Arthur, Ross kneel beside Ron and Hermione. Place one hand flat upon their foreheads and the other flat above their hearts. Now close your eyes and picture your children in front of you. Try to reach out to them in your mind and tell them to remain calm, that you love them and Harry, and everything is going to be alright.”

Quietly Dumbledore went to stand in front of Ginny, ” You trust Hermione and Ron, and they trust you, yes?” When she nodded he said “I need you to trust me now and not be afraid”.

She looked at the three on the couch, her eyes resting on Harry before she looked hard at her headmaster. “You’re not going to upset Harry again are you, because he doesn’t deserve that and we don’t want him to be hurt anymore.” She stood resolutely the defiance in her voice tempered by the tears in her eyes, which she tried to blink away.

Surprisingly there was no outburst from Molly Weasley about speaking respectfully to her Professors.

“No Ginny, in fact that is why I am asking you to serve as my go-between, I don’t believe that Harry would appreciate me in his mind right now. I know he doesn’t trust me at the moment. Will you do this for them?” he motioned around everyone in the room.

“Yes” Ginny said with quiet determination and allowed herself to be placed behind Harry with her hands arranged the same as Ross and Arthur. Dumbledore stood behind her with his wand above her head.

“Close your eyes and concentrate all your thoughts on Harry, Hermione and Ron, see them in your minds eye, then hold onto that picture and then tell me what you see”. As soon as she did the white glow around Harry encompassed her.

“I see white mist rising around me, it seems to be lit by a very pale golden glow, and it’s making me feel all warm inside reassuring me that I am loved and safe. It is like my mum hugging me. There are stars above me, more than I could possibly imagine and I feel they are shining as though they were encouraging me. The golden mist seems to be drifting from in front of me and there is a bright white light in the distance as if a small white sun has landed on the earth, I can just make out voices in that direction, so I’m moving towards them.”

Ginny’s soft voice stopped for a minute before she suddenly gave a gasp.

“I think I am in paradise, because I swear there is an angel in front of me and she’s holding Harry snuggled in her arms. He’s smiling, but his eyes are closed and he isn’t moving although I am sure he is breathing. Ron and Hermione are standing about 10 feet away and trying to move towards Harry but they seem to be stuck there. Hermione is pleading with the angel to let Harry come back, that it is not his time to go yet. Ron is saying the same to Harry.

The angel is looking directly at me; she’s glowing from the inside. I’ve just noticed that she doesn’t have wings but her ears are pointed and her eyes, I feel like she can see into my soul. Oh! Yes Lady I would be honoured.”

Suddenly Ginny glowed only white and her body shimmered and changed shape. Then from the light that flowed from the beautiful being that now stood in front of them, came an overwhelming pulse of hope.

Ross and Arthur suddenly opened their eyes and stepped back slightly from the couch in awe but still remaining connected to their respective offspring. An even more unusual sight followed this; Albus Dumbledore was bowing to the being. A gentle breeze as soft as a breath, kissed each person in the room. Then although her lips didn’t move, the lady spoke in a soft echoing voice.

“Albus Dumbledore, there is no time for formalities. Harry is at the crossroads, his magic has reached out to us across the eons and I have come to save him by taking him home. Unfortunately without realizing it, his friends in trying to save Harry have now bound their own magic to his. I can no longer help him without them. I will need to take all three with me now, and I do not know when they will return to you.”

“Lady Galadriel, thank Merlin, I had hoped it was you. I understand what must be done. Tell Ron and Hermione that I entrust to them the role of my personal emissaries to your world and to behave accordingly and that they are all dearly loved. May they all return safely to us. Just answer one question though, who currently rules Gondor?”

Lady Galadriel nodded “I must leave now, Harry is growing weaker and I must take him now while he still has a little magic left. I will contact you through Ginny if I need to. I suggest you start searching for a way to get them back. King Elessar Telcontar rules the reunited kingdoms of Gondor and Arnor. Navaer !( Farewell)

With that Lady Galadriel, Harry, Ron and Hermione vanished like a star going super nova while Ginny’s knees gave way and she collapsed against Dumbledore.

While every set of eyes in the room looked at him in shock, Dumbledore was left to wonder which path Harry would choose, that of emissary or exile. Whichever it was, he prayed to Merlin that it would bring him the love, peace and strength the young man desperately needed. He also hoped that it would bring him back to them.

Ron and Hermione looked around again as the scene in front of them changed. They were no
longer in the mist; they were in a glade resembling an outside room. Above them towered mighty trees adorned with glowing crystals suspended like stars against a living green backdrop. In front of them stood a large stone basin on a plinth, elaborately carved with what Hermione recognized as runes. To their right was a small waterfall whose water gently cascaded into a large natural bowl. The light here was soft and the night was filled with delicious scents from the fragrant flowers that entwined around the rocks encircling the grove.

A little way behind the stone basin was a set of rough stone steps cut into the stone wall and on the bottom step stood a tall man who looked around 40 years of age. As he reached up absently to push his dark shoulder length wavy hair behind one ear they noticed he didn’t have pointed ears. They also realised that he didn’t glow but his face had a bearing that invited trust and demanded respect. He held Harry gently in his arms and they could just hear him repeat, “Na verdui.”

The Lady who was standing in front of the step looked at them intently before speaking ” Do not be afraid for none shall harm you or Harry while you are here. I have a message for you from Albus Dumbledore; he bids me tell you that he has assigned you the important mission of being his emissaries while you are in this land. He bids that you act accordingly and hopes that you will soon be home again. Know that all those you have left behind love you and Harry and will miss you. For myself, I welcome you to Lothlorien, my home. I am called Lady Galadriel of the Golden Wood.”

The Lady looked up to the top of the steps, Looking down was another shining or should that be glowing being like herself but obviously male. “Ah, this is my husband the Lord Celeborn. Meleth-Nin, may I introduce Harry’s closest friends Hermione Granger and Ronald Weasley. It would seem Harry could not leave them behind, or else they would not let him come alone.”

Like the Lady’s this man’s voice was soft and melodic, “Welcome emissaries, you must be tired and confused. Come you shall have food and take some rest. There will be time for further explanations on the morrow.” Lord Celeborn smiled down upon them as he beckoned them towards the steps. He then nodded at the man who was carrying Harry and slowly making his way up the steps towards him. “Meleth-nin, our grand-son grows impatient and will not rest until he sees that his child is well.”

Ron stood up straight and crossed his arms in front of him, glaring at both of them. ” Not until you tell us whether Harry is going to be alright. WHAT DO YOU MEAN HIS CHILD?”

“You will make a fine warrior one day my young friend and your loyalty is most admirable. Harry has obviously chosen his friends well; it must be a family trait. However to answer your question, I believe that in this place and amongst his kin, Harry will recover. The smile on his face should please you, for it shows that he finally feels safe and at peace. What he needs now is time and gentle guidance and as much love and nurturing as we can give him. Does that answer satisfy you Master Ronald and you Lady Hermione?” The lady smiled at both of them in her strange enigmatic way.

Hermione had been watching Harry as this exchange took place and for once her heart held sway over her burning curiosity. She had seen how her friend was no longer suffering from the hurt and heavy burden that she and Ron had tried so hard to help him bear. She knew somehow that this peaceful place was just what Harry had lacked his whole life and she for one was not going to stand in the way of something that could finally heal him.

Hermione moved next to Ron and placed her hand in his and tugged him forward. ” Come on Ron, this is what Harry needs. We can’t do anything about it now anyway as he’s already chosen for us. Remember Harry doesn’t trust easily, but he seems to be happy to be here. Let them help him, because we don’t seem to be able to, no matter how hard we try.”

Ron studied Hermione’s face before nodding, seemingly reassured. Hermione was right as usual; Harry deserved the right to make his own choice since he rarely got the chance.

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