Title: In Dreams Only
Author: Littleleaf (also known as Mythical_rhythm)
Pairings: Elrond/ Maerdion (OMC), Elrond/Gil-Galad
Rating: R
Summary: For their wedding, Elrond invites some guests, but then meets someone he never thought to see again.
Disclaimer: These characters belong to Professor Tolkien. No copyright infringement is intended. I make no money from this story!
Warning: AU
Beta read by slayer9649
All remaining mistakes are mine.
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AN: this was written for the LotR All Slash Secret Santa Fic Exchange.

Glorfindel sat on his horse, Asfaloth, and peered into the forest, his fellow guards waiting patiently behind him. The Lórien company was bound to arrive any minute. Elrond had invited a few guests for his wedding. He had explicitly expressed his desire for a certain Lórien elf to complete the wedding ceremony. Glorfindel had been there when Elrond wrote the letter. The inviting of the guests had convinced him that Elrond really was ready to accept a new person in his life. A new lover. Elrond was finally happy again after years of misery and loneliness. His friend thoroughly deserved to be happy. Especially after all he had done for a lot of people, including himself. Being reborn had not made Glorfindel happy and until this day, he still did not know what the Valar had intended for him. Elrond had made everything easier, he had given him a purpose, a goal.

Asfaloth shifted impatiently beneath him, tired of having to stand still so long. Luckily for him, there was a faint rumbling of horses’ hooves on the ground, in the distance. Within minutes the Lórien company was visible. There were fifteen elves in total, all on horseback, Haldir, Lothlórien’s March Warden, leading them. They raised their hands in greeting. Haldir rode forward and he and Glorfindel grasped each others shoulders.

“Haldir, welcome to Imladris,” Glorfindel nodded towards the rest. “We will escort you to Lord Elrond. Let us go, for you must be weary and a warm meal and bath are awaiting you.”

“Indeed, we look forward to a respite,” Haldir agreed. As everyone seemed satisfied, Glorfindel turned towards Haldir for pleasant conversation.

The words died upon his lips as he gazed past Haldir’s shoulder towards the last elf in the company. The others stopped in concern as the Seneschal’s face was drained of colour. With a stunned expression, he slid off his horse and walked towards the elf. The elf met him on the ground. Glorfindel stumbled forward and grasped the elf’s tunic. His own blue eyes stared into sparkling brown eyes.

“You…my King.” And with that he dropped to his knees, his head bowed.

Elrond turned, a soft even breath tickled the side of his face. His lover, Maerdion, rolled into his arms, seeking a warm embrace. Elrond gazed lovingly at the dark haired ellon. He could not imagine a life without him, and within two weeks, they would be married.

He grinned when Maerdion placed his head against his neck, sighing quietly. He smoothed the strands of his beloved’s hair, while hands were caressing his own back in a steady rhythm. Somehow, with Maerdion, there had always been a steady rhythm. From the moment he had met him, there had been a constant in his life. And after the Last Alliance, that was something he most desperately needed. He had endured many hardships in his life, but losing Gil-galad, his friend, his lover, and his King, had been the worst. When he had returned to Imladris, he had been about to collapse into oblivion through work and other duties. Maerdion had prevented him from falling, instead keeping him in his circle of friends.

Before, and during the war, Maerdion had been a courtesan. He had kept Elrond company during the night, merely to have someone with him, for if he did not, nightmares consumed Elrond. It had taken such a long time before Elrond had even considered Maerdion as more than a friend. However, once that invisible barrier had been broken, sleeping together had turned into an option as well. And when they did, Maerdion never took Elrond. He had somehow seemed to realize that Elrond was not ready to give up that part which had previously belonged to Gil-galad. That was just another thing about Maerdion he liked, he was gentle and kind, compassionate.

Gentle biting at his neck reminded him of his current situation. Maerdion had ceased lying impassively next to him and was now nipping his earlobe.

“What were you thinking about?” He asked between nips.

“You, amongst other things.” The former courtesan gave him a blinding smile. Maerdion pushed Elrond back, crawled on top of him and smiled seductively. “And what kind of things were you thinking about me?”

Whilst grinding his hips against Elrond’s, his lips sought out Elrond’s collarbone. Elrond momentarily allowed himself to be swirled away, but then reluctantly pushed Maerdion aside.

“We have to get up, Glorfindel will be arriving soon with our guests, and I still need to check with Erestor that their accommodations have been arranged.” Maerdion groaned in frustration, but with a lingering kiss, let go of Elrond.

“You don’t have to worry about that. You know, Erestor probably had the chambers ready weeks ago.” Elrond smiled at that.

The guards all wore amazed expressions at the sight of their Captain on the ground, bowing in front of an elf he claimed to be his King.

“Glorfindel, my friend. Please, don’t bow for me,” the elf said. He pulled Glorfindel to his feet.

“Gil-galad, you died, I saw you fall, how… how is this possible?” At the mentioning of the name, more than one pair of eyes widened. Whispers traveled through the forest.

“Shouldn’t you know the answer to that?” The brown eyes glittered with wisdom.

Glorfindel nodded once. “You were reborn. But why are you here?” At this Gil-galad reached into his pocket and withdrew a letter.

“I believe I was invited.” He held the letter out for Glorfindel to take.

Even before he had touched the letter, Glorfindel knew it was the letter Elrond had written. “You are the elf he invited for the wedding ceremony,” he quietly observed as Gil-galad nodded uneasily. An awkward silence filled the glade and Glorfindel became aware of the watching guards.

“Come, my old friend, let us go home, and there you can explain further.” Everyone gratefully turned their horses around as King and Captain mounted.

Together with Maerdion and Erestor, Elrond stood on top of the stairs leading to the courtyard. As soon as anyone came through the front gates, they would be able to see them.

Elrond wondered what the elf he had invited for the ceremony would look like. Galadriel had recommended him and he had taken her advice. The only thing was, she had told him almost no details about him.

Erestor’s straightening up signaled the arrival of Glorfindel and the guests. Within seconds they had all dismounted. Glorfindel and Haldir, together with a familiar looking elf, came forward.

Glorfindel bowed. “My Lord Elrond,” he said, “these are your guests from Lothlórien.”

Elrond felt his heart stop when he realized that the familiar face was none other than his former lover.


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