Note: We owe everything to Tolkien except a few characters of our own making.


Aragorn stopped his horse and prepared to camp for the night. After a warm meal he sat by his fire and opened his saddle pack, drawing forth a bundle of papers bound together into a book. He opened the first loose piece of paper, a sort of letter, and read:
I, Gilraen, daughter of Dirhael and Ivorwen, wife of Arathorn II, to you, Aragorn my son. It has been many a long year since you came to me, a young heart filled with pride, as you had just learned your true heritage, and love, for you had beheld Arwen Undomiel, Lady of Rivendell. Truly, I thought you had only been infatuated by her grace, but as the years passed and your love increased, I saw that I had been mistaken. You already know that your relationship with the Evenstar is difficult, for Lord Elrond will only give her to the King of Gondor. Thus, I have prepared for you the stories of you predecessors from my line, and their love stories. Each will show one of the many difficulties of your love and solve them, or perhaps leave you wondering.
The first of these many tales is about finding love, no matter where, no matter when. It is the tale of your great-great-grandfather, Cadoc, the Old Tongued, and your great-great-grandmother, Quirna, Golden Flower of the South. But their story did not start with flowers, kisses, and courtship, but war, deception, and love through the darkness. Without further ado I will leave you to read this tale.
Interested, he unfolded the letter and took the first page of the story.

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