[b]Disclaimer:[/b] I am not Tolkien nor New Line Cinema; thus, it is not mine.

[b]Author’s note:[/b] One-shot, 100 words (precisely, actually). Just an idea that came to me and I had to write it down. Hope you like it.

The quiet murmuring of laments and keening in Nienna’s Hall stopped abruptly. A feeling, painfully white-hot, yet happy; hopeful beyond hope, washed over Valinor. The One Ring had been destroyed at last, and Sauron’s time had come to an end.
Another tear joined those on Nienna’s cheek. For as much evil as Sauron had done, he had once been good, serving AulĂ« and all the Valar in happiness. Though he had fallen under Melkor’s sway and become his successor, the tiniest bit of goodness left in his heart – no bigger than the tears Nienna shed – deserved to be mourned for.

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