Of Forest Realms and Elven Love

Summary: The two worlds of the Woodland Realm have been apart for thousands of years and negotiations are underway for unity once more. When Legolas and Elloriel meet, what will happen? Will they be the key to it all? AU

Rating: T/PG-13

Disclaimer: All original Lord of the Rings characters belong to the legend, J.R.R. Tolkien. Dordhaer was created by me and my own characters are: Elloriel, Taurgiliath, and Luinwen. More characters will be added down the line.

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Chapter 1 – Fragile Endings and Battled Beginnings

Long ago, the Woodland Realm was a great land that extended north beyond Ered Mithrin and into Forodwaith. A great king ruled the realm with pride and love for his people. He was a fair king and was blessed by the Valar to rule with continuing grace and respect. However, this was not to be. The king was visiting the villages under his keep during his annual travels, when the royal procession was attacked by a pack of orcs that had strayed into the far south.

Though the orcs were destroyed by the king’s guards, he was unable to shield himself from an orc arrow that struck close to his heart. The king was mortally wounded and the poison on the arrow had run deep through his veins.

The king’s death brought a great cloud over the Woodland Realm and his people mourned for many years the passing of The King with the Golden Heart.

Though he had two sons, none had been announced as heir to the throne. Their father loved them both dearly and could not separate their qualities enough to decide which he would like to become his heir. With no chosen crown prince, the king’s sons agreed to share the kingdom. The eldest took the North beyond the Grey Mountains, the youngest taking the South.

Long before time had neared the Second Age, it was clear that the two brothers had very different characteristics of ruling a kingdom. The youngest took after his father in the way that he ruled the South, while the eldest was more demanding than his father was.

The youngest prince found a bride and together they produced a child, one that was nurtured and loved by all. In honour of his love, he renamed the south to that of his wife’s family name of Greenwood.

The eldest brother watched the life of his sibling unfold. He too chose a bride, but they did not have children. He slowly became jealous of his brother’s popularity amongst the Wood Elves, and his thoughts and mind became driven by envy. As the population of the north depleted with many choosing to relocate to Greenwood, the prince became cruel and depressed. When his wife finally turned her back on him, he exiled himself and headed towards the north and was never seen again, leaving the Lady of the North to regain all that was lost at his hands. She gave the northern regions the name Dordhaer, after her own family name. While the population of Dordhaer slowly recovered, the ties between Greenwood and Dordhaer were too far lost to be saved. This is how they have remained, through to the rulings of Thranduil of Mirkwood and Taurgiliath of Dordhaer.

“Good morning Ada. Did you rest well?” Elloriel greeted her father, Taurgiliath, as she entered the dining hall.

“Good morning, my princess. I did rest well last night. It is the most refreshed I have felt in a long while,” Taurgiliath replied.

“That’s good to hear, Ada,” Elloriel sat down at the table and poured some fruit juice.

Her older sister walked in at that moment, “Good morning all!”

“You’re rather cheerful this morning, Luinwen. ‘Sleep’ well, did we?” Elloriel shot her sister a knowing glance as she greeted her.

When their father turned to acknowledge the messenger who brought the papers, Luinwen glared at Elloriel to keep quiet. Elloriel smirked at her as she sat down to breakfast as well. Both girls started giggling.

“What’s so funny, girls?” asked Taurgiliath, as he opened the satchel.

“Nothing Ada,” they echoed.

Taurgiliath shook his head, “Why couldn’t I have had sons? They are far less complicated.”

“Well, Ada,” started Elloriel, “you have us, so you’re just going to have to live with it,” Elloriel said with a smile. “What news does the messenger bring?” she asked.

Taurgiliath sifted through the pages and notes, “Let’s see…news travels that those dwarves have found themselves another mithril mine.”

“So they found someone else to steal land from? Where is it?” asked Luinwen.

“Lundabad,” answered Taurgiliath.

“Where?” asked Luinwen.

“It’s just north of Mount Gundabad,” Elloriel told her, “They have either found some bravery or they are just getting more stupid.”

Luinwen looked a little forlorn, “All of this anguish when the One Ring has been destroyed…”

Elloriel turned her eyes to look at her sister, “The Ring may have been destroyed, but its darkness had spread greatly, Luinwen. Peace is still some distance away and I fear it lies furthest from us. Who knows what evil lurks within the Mountains of Angmar,” Elloriel said, “Even I will not venture near there and you know what I am like for travelling.”

“Indeed we do Elloriel! I remember the numerous times you have returned home from one of your little outings with various injuries!” Taurgiliath made Elloriel blush. He went back to reading, “Looks like Mirkwood is under orc attack again…”

“Again? What could they possibly be after this time?” Elloriel looked irritated.

Taurgiliath answered her as if she should have known what he was going to say, “They are orcs, that’s all the reason they need. The messages say that the orcs are great in number…I do feel for them. I must set more watchers on the southern border…”

“That simply will not do, Adar,” Elloriel said.

Taurgiliath lowered the papers to the table and looked across at his daughter, “Elloriel?”

“Adar, if Mirkwood is in trouble, we should go to their aid, not sit and wait just in case the orcs come here,” Elloriel argued.

“Elloriel, we have no obligation to do such a thing. I will not send my forces to aid Mirkwood and leave Dordhaer vulnerable. We haven’t even met anyone from Mirkwood.” Taurgiliath tried to rationalise, generations of prejudices preventing him from seeing the bigger picture.

“Ada, I have read the ancient scriptures. I know the history of the Woodland Realm and how it was split in two. Adar, the Woodland Realm was once a great kingdom. Why shouldn’t it be so again now? If we assist Mirkwood, perhaps we can reconcile and put the past behind us. There’s no need to continue this petty snobbery that both of our ancestors began because one sibling was jealous, and if you won’t send your forces to help them, then I will simply take mine. If you will excuse me, I must send word for my soldiers to prepare to leave before midday,” and with that Elloriel strode out of the room, her father calling after her.

“That elf is far too stubborn!” Taurgiliath scowled as he stood from the table.

Luinwen frowned into her teacup, “She gets that from you,” she muttered quietly.

Elloriel walked up to Laslelin, captain of her second regiment and her best friend. “Elloriel! What can I do for you this fine morning?” asked the dark haired elf, his brown eyes greeting Elloriel warmly.

Elloriel greeted Laslelin fondly, “Laslelin, I must send word to all of our soldiers; we are to leave before midday to assist Mirkwood in their troubles with orcs. Tell all you see to spread the word and meet at the south gates of the city.”

Laslelin turned to leave, “Elloriel, are they King Taurgiliath’s orders?”

“No, they are mine.” Elloriel watched as Laslelin ran towards the southern end of the city and she turned towards the north. When she had found her second captain and a number of her troops to pass on the message, she returned to her chambers. Elloriel took all of her weaponry out of a trunk and placed it on the bed. She retrieved her uniform from the closet and began to change. Elloriel put on a pair of dark forest-green leggings, followed by a purple tunic that matched the colour of her eyes. She then slipped on a long-sleeved, grass-green vest. She brushed her hair back into a ponytail, fastening her blonde locks with a tie. After pinning the hair that didn’t reach to the tie in place, Elloriel started on her weaponry. Elloriel checked the buckles on her quiver, sheathing two sharp blades along the sides. She tested the string of her bow, and placed it next to the quiver. Her father walked in as she tied a dagger and its sheath to her left ankle.

“Hello Adar,” Elloriel stopped and turned to face her father.

Taurgiliath’s face was sad and grieved, “I do not want you to go on this venture, Elloriel. You are heir to my throne and I have seen you hurt far too often. I implore you not to go,” Taurgiliath begged his daughter. “What can I do to stop you from doing this?”

Elloriel smiled softly at her father, “I’m sorry Adar, I have made my choice and will leave for Mirkwood. I promise I will return. Would I have earned my position if I couldn’t deliver and take care of myself in battle?”

Taurgiliath embraced Elloriel, “I know. You are a very fine soldier. But just be careful, I want you to come home unscathed, alright?”

Elloriel nodded, “Yes Ada.”

Taurgiliath kissed his daughter on the forehead. She walked back over to the bed and picked up her long, thin sword, running her fingers carefully along the edge, checking its sharpness. Elloriel secured a second dagger to her right ankle before pulling on strong, shin-high boots that hid both daggers from view. She quickly packed a small cloth backpack, collected her weapons and made her way to the armoury to fill her quiver. Her father helped her into her chest plate and arm guards. Elloriel picked up her helmet and made her way out of the palace. Elloriel said farewell to her father and her teary-eyed sister and set off to the south gates of the city. Many citizens, servants and palace workers wished her a safe journey as she walked passed them. Laslelin and Thalion, captain of the third regiment, stood before the gathered soldiers waiting for her arrival.

“We have a total of three hundred and fifty soldiers, Elloriel,” said Thalion.

Elloriel looked at the ash-blond elf and long-time friend, “That’s a rather short number, Thalion. Where are the others?”

“They haven’t turned up to the gathering. Many believe that word may not have yet reached their ears,” Thalion explained with understanding in his bright, hazel eyes.

Elloriel climbed the nearest tree to address the gathered soldiers, “My fellow soldiers. You have all gathered knowing the task ahead. Mirkwood is in trouble now and we must make haste. We are the first step in the hope of reuniting the Woodland Realm. May we be successful in both our tasks. We march for Mirkwood and for the death of many an orc!”

The soldiers all cheered her as she jumped down and joined the lead with Laslelin and Thalion. The soldiers formed rows of five and marched behind them.

For three days and nights, the company marched silently to Mirkwood. As they passed over the Grey Mountains, Elloriel, Laslelin and Thalion saw that smoke rose from the southern area of the Mirkwood Forest.

“Mirkwood is alight! They will pay dearly for the careless destruction of such beauty!” cried Laslelin.

“Calm yourself Laslelin. We shall deal with the filth of Mordor as we come to them. But remember, with fire comes also life,” Elloriel put a hand on his shoulder to comfort him, “The forests of Mirkwood will return brighter and greener than before. The Earth will always prevail for she cannot be truly conquered. Now, focus on the task at hand; we will approach the forest borders of Mirkwood soon.”

As they came to the forest edge on the fourth day, Elloriel divided the soldiers into their respective regiments. She sent Laslelin to the north-eastern borders and Thalion to the north-western borders.

Elloriel pulled on her helmet, and led the largest apportionment of soldiers directly into Mirkwood. “Spread out and be on your sharpest guard. Orcs will be lurking everywhere they can.”

After walking until midday had passed, they heard the sounds of battle. Elloriel gave her orders through silent signals. Those who were fully trained as archers bounded into the trees, bows and arrows ready. Elloriel gave a high-pitched whistle, which spurred her soldiers into action and they jumped right into the thick of the battle.

As Sadorian, standing commander of Mirkwood’s forces, was knocked to the ground and an uruk-hai soldier stood over him, their attentions were drawn away by the whistle. The uruk over Sadorian was struck by an arrow and fell to the ground. Sadorian jumped up, retrieved his long knife and returned to the battle. Sadorian eyed the strong she-elf as she gracefully cut down her opposition. Orc after orc fell at the strike of her sword. Sadorian moved to fight at her side. “Who are you?” he asked as they continued to fight; the elves of Mirkwood had found a new hope and returned the slaughter.

“Elloriel, of Dordhaer. We are here to assist you. Formalities, I do believe, should be kept until after the battle. If you will excuse me,” Elloriel sheathed her sword and took off to the trees, bow and arrow in hand.

Once up in the trees, Elloriel could see the damage that the orcs had caused. Bodies of elves and orcs lay strewn over the forest floor. She could tell from numbers that Mirkwood was struggling. She released an arrow and caught an orc swordsman. She focused her aim on orcs that had also taken to the trees. One after the other crashed to the ground.

“Ahhhh!” A scream came from a tree next to her as one of her elves fell to the ground, slain by an arrow.

The battle continued through the mid-afternoon, Thalion and his troops joining the clash, while both elves and orcs fell to the woes of battle. Elloriel had jumped down from the treetops. She pulled out her two blades and fought on the ground. Elloriel was challenged by the uruk-hai leader. He came up to her with his blade raised, ready to kill her. They engaged in a fight of their own, slashing and jabbing with their weapons, dodging each other’s blows, getting nowhere fast.

The uruk swung his blade at Elloriel. She ducked out of the way, but as she stood up, he punched her jaw, sending her reeling. Her cheek was now scratched and a light trail of blood streamed down her face. Elloriel looked up and glared at him. At that instant, Laslelin arrived into the battle, startling the weary warriors.

The uruk-hai let out a hoarse cry, signalling the retreat. The remaining uruk-hai began to flee to the south; the battle was lost for them.

“Don’t let them escape! They will return in greater numbers!” shouted Elloriel.

Laslelin and Thalion followed her, as did the Dordhaer soldiers. Those from Mirkwood waited for Sadorian to give the word. He took a moment to survey his remaining soldiers, and after ordering several to remain behind and tend the wounded, he and the Mirkwood armed forces took off after the orcs.

Uruk-hai and orcs, unlike Wood elves, are not accustomed to the forest and were caught easily, though some made it across the Forest River. The elves continued after them until each remaining orc had been destroyed. All but one.

Elloriel looked everywhere for her hidden challenger. “Where are you?” she quietly said to herself.

“Elloriel! The battle is won!” Laslelin came up to her and congratulated her on their victory.

Elloriel was still sceptical though. She constantly swept a sweeping glare over the surroundings. Then she looked at Laslelin, “Yes, we have all done well. Laslelin, Thalion, how many have fallen?”

Laslelin answered first, “I have lost twenty-eight.”

“And I twenty-three, my lady,” said Thalion.

“I myself have lost over forty brave elves. Their deaths have been honoura…Laslelin!” Elloriel screamed.

An orc arrow had lodged itself in his shoulder. She swiftly looked around and saw the retreating back of the uruk. Immediately she took after him, while Sadorian chose to follow after her. They chased after the lone uruk, through the trees and earth that was now blackened by the fires. They heard the uruk roar, and ran faster to catch him up.

As they ran, Sadorian admired Elloriel’s poise and speed, ‘Her skill reminds me of…’ Sadorian’s thoughts were interrupted by running into Elloriel; she had stopped at the edge of a clearing, staring straight ahead. He followed her gaze to see another elf slicing a blade through the uruk’s neck. The person in his thoughts looked at them.

Legolas looked at Sadorian and the strange she-elf standing in front of him. He let the body of the dead uruk go and it fell to the ground, his blade dripping with the uruk’s blood.

Sadorian immediately bowed low, “Lord Legolas.”

Legolas nodded to his long-time friend, “It is good to see you again, Sadorian. Though, I must ask who you are, lady-elf, for I have not seen you in Mirkwood before.”

Elloriel nodded her head respectfully at Legolas, “I am Elloriel Taurgiliathiel and I command the forces of Dordhaer. We came to assist Mirkwood in their troubles with Mordor.”

“From Dordhaer? Sadorian, what has occurred here?” Legolas looked around him and took in the burnt surroundings.

Sadorian nodded to his prince and gave the tale, “My lord, since your departure for Rivendell, orcs have often ventured into our lands. There have been numerous and gruelling battles to keep them at bay. However, they would return in greater numbers and in greater force. They set fire to the forests, as you can see. We were becoming overrun with orcs and in the last battle we were close to defeat, Elloriel and Dordhaer came to our aid during this day’s fighting. You, my lord, have slain the last of the uruk-hai here.”

Legolas took in the information and nodded to him, “Thank you Sadorian, and to you also Elloriel; Mirkwood is clearly in your debt.”

“My Lord, I must congratulate you on the news that the One Ring has been destroyed,” said Sadorian.

“Thank you Sadorian! Come, we must…” Legolas began.

Elloriel interrupted their little reunion, “What we must do is return. I have wounded to find aid for.”

Legolas raised his eyebrows at the tone she took with him, but had no choice but to follow as Sadorian jumped at Elloriel’s commands and took off in the direction that they had come.

It was a hopeful sight, watching elves from the two Realms working together to clear the damaged forest of battle debris, retrieving fallen elves to return them to their families, and destroying the dead orcs. “Thalion!” Elloriel called out, as they found their way back to the battle scene.

“Elloriel!” Thalion turned around to face her and walked up to her, “Laslelin has been taken to the halls of King Thranduil. They say that the arrow will not kill him.” Elloriel sighed in relief. Thalion looked at the two elves behind her, “I must know, Elloriel, you two take off after an uruk and you return with another elf! It is quite a transformation.”

Elloriel laughed, “This, Thalion, is Legolas of Mirkwood.”

Thalion bowed respectfully, “Ah! Your name is known to me, Legolas, though there must not be an elf that hasn’t.”

Legolas offered a small smile and nodded his head once, “Come, you must meet my Adar; he will be most anxious to meet those who helped save his lands.”

When they reached the elven halls, Legolas gave orders for the Mirkwood soldiers to assist the newcomers in finding lodgings, clean clothes and food.

“How is it that you can order them so easily? I understand that you are their prince, but I was under the impression that Sadorian is their commander,” asked Elloriel as she and Legolas walked to his father’s throne room. Mellow songs filled the halls as they walked along, honouring the memories of their lost kin.

“Sadorian is my second-in-command. He took over for me while I was involved in the Fellowship and the war of the Ring,” Legolas explained, then noticing the scratch on her cheek. “You are injured,” Legolas said and raised his hand to her cheek.

“I completely forgot,” exclaimed Elloriel, and she ran her fingers over the cut. “It will heal,” she said dismissively as she took a piece of cloth from her backpack and wiped the dried blood from her face.

Legolas took the cloth from her hand, “Here, you missed a spot,” he said.

“Thank you,” said Elloriel, smiling lightly and looked at the guards standing outside of the throne room.

“Lord Legolas!” they both cried, and after a second or two, they remembered to open the doors.

As they entered the throne room, they heard, “I thought I said no more interruptions!”

Legolas smiled at Elloriel, “Not even your own son?”

“Legolas?” the king looked up from his desk. A heartbeat later, he jumped up from his chair, “Legolas! My son has returned home!” Thranduil embraced Legolas in a tight hug.

“Yes Adar, I am home,” Legolas replied, returning his father’s hug.

“This is wonderful news! We must celebrate; a great feast in your honour…and who are you?” The king had only just seen Elloriel.

“I am Elloriel Taurgiliathiel, of Dordhaer. I command the forces that joined your soldiers and ridded Mirkwood of the orcs,” Elloriel explained.

“Ah! I am glad to have finally met you, Elloriel. I believe that if it was not for your arrival, we may have lost Mirkwood. I give you all my thanks,” King Thranduil bowed to her.

“Thank you, Lord Thranduil,” Elloriel returned the bow to the King.

“Although I must ask why you came to our aid; we haven’t associated with the elves of Dordhaer since…ever!” asked Thranduil.

Elloriel nodded and answered, “Not since the early days, Lord Thranduil. I had hoped that we could perhaps reunite the kingdoms, return Dordhaer and Mirkwood to the former glories of the Woodland Realm. I find it inane to continue this separation simply because of one jealous brother from the First Age. Forgive me if my opinions on this matter are strong, but I don’t believe that we should live in the rivalry that none of us here were part of.”

Thranduil was a little taken aback at her passionate tone, “Your thoughts have merit, young Elloriel. Perhaps negotiations between your ruler and I can begin in time. I take it you have already met my son, Legolas,” he said, gesturing to Legolas.

Elloriel smiled at Legolas, “Yes, we met in one of the clearings in the forest.”

“He helped destroy the One Ring, you know,” Thranduil was clearly beaming with pride, “My son!”

Legolas just smiled at Thranduil, “Thank you, Ada.”

Thranduil smiled, “Come, let us sit in my study. Legolas, you must tell us of your travels!”

“May I say, that your halls are quite remarkable, Lord Thranduil. I had heard rumour of the halls being underground. My home delves partially into the hillside, but not to this extent,” Elloriel said, following Thranduil to his study with Legolas trailing behind them.

“Thank you, Elloriel,” Thranduil said, surprised by the praise his halls received from the young elf.

Several hours had passed with long conversations, when Thranduil turned to his guests. “It is late, and the two of you are weary from both battle and travel. Legolas, we will celebrate your return in the coming days. Please show Elloriel to the guest rooms near the royal chambers; only the finest rooms for the Saviour of Mirkwood.” Elloriel blushed and smiled at Thranduil. “And Legolas,” called Thranduil as Legolas turned to lead Elloriel to her room, “It’s good to have you home. I’m glad you are back.”

“It’s good to be home, Adar,” Legolas replied. While it was true that he was glad to be in familiar halls again, Legolas knew he could no longer lay his heart under the trees of Mirkwood, having heard the call to cross the seas.

Legolas led Elloriel through the corridors to the royal chambers.

“Your halls are beautiful, Lord Legolas,” said Elloriel as she admired the detail in the carvings.

“Please, call me Legolas. After all, you’re the ‘Saviour of Mirkwood’,” Legolas mocked light-heartedly.

Elloriel’s laughter caught in her throat, “Don’t mock me so unless you would like for me to consider you jealous, dear Legolas. The other soldiers deserve as much credit as I. Although, this is coming from he who helped save Middle Earth; you deserve much more credit than I.”

“I? Jealous? Now why would I be jealous of you, a commander, when I am a prince…that helped save Middle Earth?” Legolas teased even more as he opened the door to the room for her. Legolas was starting to wonder if he had spent too much time among men with such casual cheek slipping passed his tongue.

“Hmm, indeed, Your Highness. Why would you be?” Elloriel smirked at him and stepped into the room, “I hope you rest well, Legolas.”

“As I hope you do too, Lady Elloriel,” and he walked further down the corridor to his own room.

Elloriel closed the door and leaned on it, smiling to herself. Elloriel walked over to the bed, unpacked the few items that she had brought with her from Dordhaer and went into the bathroom to bathe. Later, she lay on the bed, her thoughts filled with the elf prince-ling she had just met.

As Legolas entered his room, he was pleased to see that it had not changed since he left, although the servants had kept it clean. He bathed and changed into nightclothes, his own thoughts occupied by the intriguing she-elf back down the corridor.

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