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This fic will have two parts to each chapter: the first is in the present and will cover things from just before Erestor & Glorfindel’s engagement through their marriage and through to, well, I’m not sure where it will end, and the second part will be a flash-back. These will be anything from fluffy moments to the fall of Gondolin.

Chapter 1 – Travelling and Reassurances.

“Hiya guys, missed me?”
-Buffy, ‘When She Was Bad’, Season 2.

A black-haired elf maiden and her two companions rode into the forest of Imladris. Her hair was loose, and she wore a simple dress for riding. She was pretty: not unusually so, but still pretty. Her position and habits suggested that she was not very used to riding yet.
The companion to her left, an elf with light brown hair, leaned towards her. “Morlome?” The she-elf looked towards her friend. “We should arrive in Imladris by this evening.”
Morlome smiled and responded, “Thank you, Gilnaur.”
Morlome shifted in her saddle, trying to achieve a more comfortable position. She had been looking forward to this trip for some time now. It was the first time she had travelled away from Mithlond for centuries, and it was also her first time travelling by horse. However, after weeks of travelling, her excitement had slowly faded, to be replaced only with a rather sore rear; not a very fair trade, in her opinion.
During her travels, she had irritated Gilnaur with constant questions about Imladris and Lady Glorfindel, trying to find any new information that she had missed before. Eventually, Gilnaur had threatened to gag her if she was not quiet.
Gilnaur, her elven companion, was here in two capacities; firstly as a guide and protector, and secondly as a family friend. As soon as he had heard that Erestor was to be engaged, he had insisted on joining her even if he had to follow her there on his own. She doubted that Erestor would mind – in fact, she suspected that Erestor would have been very offended if she had left without him. He had made her journey safe and less tedious, despite his jokes and friendly jibes.
Not that her other companion was unpleasant, she thought as she stole a glance at him, just … odd. He looked human, with his round ears, long grey hair and even longer grey beard, but his behaviour was anything but human. His arrival from the west with his six companions was enough to prove that. He was definitely an odd character, she mused. After all, not many beings always carried a staff and wore a pointed hat. She wasn’t sure what he was, but, in Mithlond, they had called him Mithrandir.
As she rode though the forest, she was sure that she could hear whispers and rustling in the trees. This didn’t seem to disturb Gilnaur; on the contrary, he was smiling and shaking his head. “The Imladris patrols,” he explained, seeing her confusion. He then looked at Mithrandir and added, “I believe our strange companion has aroused their curiosity.”
Mithrandir huffed and mumbled something about the foolishness of young elves. Gilnaur turned back to Morlome just as the hidden elves started to clap and sing a song about a strange old man in a pointed blue hat; she even believed that she received a cameo in the song. “They wouldn’t be making any noise if they believed we were a threat.”
“Why are they singing about us?” she questioned. It really did seem like a strange thing to do.
He smiled at her and shook his head. “Who knows what goes on in the head of an Imladris elf? Many strange things, no doubt.”
She wrinkled her nose and was about to chide him for patronizing her when a voice interrupted her, from above and ahead: “Not as strange as the thoughts running through the head of a Mithlond elf.”
They looked to the voice and saw, sitting on a branch, an elf who looked for all Arda as if he was on an elflings’ picnic. He wore what she presumed to be Imladris colours.
“Good day to you sir,” began Gilnaur, taking on the role as spokesman. “I am Gilnaur, my maiden companion is Morlome, and my strange companion is Mithrandir.” She smiled and nodded, while he only grumbled at his description.
“Welcome, friends, to Imladris. I shall be your guide to the House.” Leaping down from the branch, the elf walked over to where Morlome sat uncomfortably on her horse. “Am I to presume that you are Lord Erestor’s sister?”
She nodded as she replied, “Yes, I would be.”

– £ – £ – £ – £ – £ – £ –

Eregion- Second Age 1695. (two years before it’s destruction)

Morlome all but skipped up the stairs to her brother’s house. She was 15 years old. Erestor lived with his lover, Culhith, near the city centre and Celebrimbor’s house and workshop. Erestor had advanced from a simple scholar to an assistant to one of Celebrimbor’s advisors, though she could never remember the advisor’s name. However, Morlome gathered from her parents’ comments that Culhith had quite a lot to do with this.
Culhith, on the other hand, was an architect, and Erestor had said that he had helped draw up some of the plans for the city. He kept most of the original plans in his house; Erestor had shown her some on one occasion.
Halting in front of the door, she knocked and, when Erestor opened the door, she hugged him tightly and kissed his cheek. When she let go of him, she stepped into the house.
“Wait here for a moment,” and Erestor slid out of the room.
She looked round the room and noticed two other elves, standing over a table which was surrounded by scrolls. They were looking at what appeared to be building plans, or at least they looked like the papers that Erestor had once shown her.
One of the elves was Culhith. He briefly looked up at her, only to frown at her before looking back down again. The other elf, however, smiled and greeted her before looking back down at the tables.
Erestor came back into the room and bowed to the new elf. “I must go now Lord Elrond, Culhith.”
Morlome gaped at the elf Lord, who looked up and mentioned a meeting the next day. When he looked at Morlome, there was an amused sparkle at her reaction. Culhith took the opportunity to glare at her again. She felt Erestor steer her out of the house as she continued to stare at the Lord. As soon as the door closed, she started bombarding Erestor with questions.
“Was that really Lord Elrond?”
“If that was what I called him.”
“Why is he here?”
“King Gil-Galad sent him.”
Morlome’s eyes widened. “The High King Gil-Galad?”
Erestor chuckled and shook his head. “Do you know of another King Gil-Galad with an Elrond in his service?”
Morlome pulled a face. “You talked to Gilnaur yesterday, I can tell, you always sound like him just after you’ve spoken with him.” However she soon returned to her questioning. “It looked like they were looking at plans of the city.”
“It probably did.”
She wrinkled her nose at his answer and continued. “Why did the King send Elrond here?”
Erestor frowned. “Why all the questions?”
She assumed that he meant he either could not or would not answer her question. It didn’t really matter anyway; she had ears, she could hear the rumour, and she could guess that it was to do with the forces of Sauron. Not even Celebrimbor could stop people gossiping and worrying about that.
“Everyone is worried about Sauron,” she began, looking at her feet as she walked. “Mother and father talk about it when they think I can’t hear them. They keep telling me that there is nothing to worry about,” her voice betrayed her worry and fear. Her parents’ reassurances were so hollow, aimed at ending the conversation as quickly as possible. Nobody wanted to talk to her about it, to tell her the truth, but Erestor would. Erestor would make her fell better and he wouldn’t lie to her or bush her off.
Erestor stopped and pulled her into a hug. “No matter what happens, I’ll look after you. I’ll make sure you’re safe. I’ll do all that is in my power to make sure nothing will happen to you. I promise.”
Morlome hugged him back. It wasn’t what she was hoping to hear, that nothing would happen and that she was worrying over nothing, but it was the next best thing; protection.

End of Chapter 1

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