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Gwenneth looked on at the scene below her on the plain. Bodies were strewn everywhere and blood was soaked into the ground. The cause was the orcs. She cursed them in her mind, but stopped when she saw a familiar shape. Her eyes widened and she ran down the hill, forgetting all about her previous task. Please let him be alive, do not let him be dead. She repeated this over and over in her mind. She turned over her brother, staring into his pain filled face. He was unconscious and bleeding badly.

Gwenneth dropped to her knees by her brother Farothhir’s side. She scooped him up and mounted Bourwei, her horse. They sped off for Imladris, jumping trees and small streams, her arm wrapped around her older brother’s waist, pleading with the Valar that he may live. She held him tightly, as if to keep him from slipping further by her grip on him. She urged Bourwei faster and the horse went on, going faster than his earlier pace.


She rushed in with her brother held awkwardly in her arms. She ran into the healing rooms and sat him on the bed, then ran into Lord Elrond’s study. He was having a conversation with her father. Both jumped up when the distraught young Elf burst in covered in blood and grime. Her eyes looked over the room, spotting Lord Elrond as she did so.

Glorfindel’s eyes widened and he went to his daughter. He looked at her with concern, but she ignored him. She walked to the desk and stood before Elrond. Her dark blonde hair was streaked with blood and dirt from battle. She took too much after her father. She bowed hastily, nearly falling over from dizziness, her eyes never leaving the Elven lord’s face.

“My lord, Farothhir was injured gravely in battle. I need you to look at him and make sure that he wil alright. He was trying to protect me from the orcs, but he ignored the fact that I am perfectly able to do so myself.” She said breathlessly. Her face was filled with worry and guilt, even though she knew it was not her fault he was hurt.

His face softened and he let her go to her brother. Gwenneth was shooed into her room by her father. She sat on the bed and her father sat on the bed. He smiled at her current state, being too much like himself rather than her mother. He shook his head and then inclined his head at her. She studied her father, looking for dissapproval or any type of emotion that would get them in trouble.

“I knew this peace would lead to other events.” Glrofindel nodded and his eyes were filled with seriousness. His face looked as if it were etched from stone, it was so emotionless. He felt that he should tell her what was befalling, but not now, not at this moment. Gwenneth looked at her father, her brow furrowed in thought and her face filled with suspicion and curiosity.

“Father, the rest of the company will be along shortly, but you were needed there, being the warrior you are.” She looked at him carefully. Her insides squirmed as he stared intensely at her. She felt as if he were looking right through her and could read her thoughts at the moment. Gwenneth looked away, she could not take his intense gaze any longer. He was studying her, checking her for wounds and looking for information.

“Gwenneth, this peace will lead to nothing good, let me warn you. I promise that before we see a true peace, many will suffer and some die.” He turned and left. His heart was heavy and he went to see his son, hoping he would be alright. Glorfindel could not help but smile as he though of his daughter. She fought hard with any Elf and would protect a wounded friend until her death if need be. She was a fiearce fighter, but yet gentle in demeanor. Many did not believe him when he told them about her experience until the ysparred with her themselves.

She had never seen her father so grave and morbid about anything, least of all one simple orc attack. She shrugged it off and walked outside to a pool at the waterfall. She removed her blood stained clothes and jumped in, relaxing immediately. She swam about in the pool, scrubbing at her skin and hair to get he grime out from battle. She crused the creatures that had hurt her brother and wished to be rid of fighting once and for all. As Glorfindel’s daughter though, she enjoyed fighting actually and the thrill of battle. She shivered as she reviewed the battle in her mind, going over every detail for further reference.

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