This was just a simple fanfiction that I wrote solely for humorous purposes. 🙂
This is my first time publishing anything on here, so please enjoy!

Aragorn, the King of Gondor, went stomping out of his council meeting. The servants and guards scrambled to get out of his way, as he walked angrily down the hall towards the guest rooms. Aragorn was mad enough that he didn’t bother to knock on Legolas’ door, like he usually did. The elf was lying on his bed, calmly reading a book.

Legolas glanced up from his book, and seeing who it was, went back to reading. He could tell that Aragron was angry, once again, at his government.

As he rolled onto his back, closing his book, he heard Aragorn saying something about how idiotic the council was and about how the Rangers were more efficient with making decisions.

Legolas watched Aragorn rant on for a few more minutes, then lazily threw a pillow at him. The pillow hit Aragorn lightly on the head. He whipped around, a look of surprise on his face.

Legolas yawned. “Ranting and raving about how idiotic your council is, isn’t going to help anything.” He put his arm over his eyes. “And, if you don’t mind, I’d like my pillow back.”

Aragorn threw the pillow at the elf, hitting him in the stomach. Legolas sat up, his blond hair slightly messy from lying on it.

“You did not just do that.”

Aragorn grinned cheekily. “I just did.” Two pillows came flying at him. He dodged one and grabbed the other. He threw the one he had caught towards the bed, but Legolas wasn’t there.

“Humans are so predictable,” he heard from behind him. Aragorn turned around, only to be met by a pillow in the face.

That did it.

“Yeah, well so much for the most perfect elven hair in all of Arda!” Aragorn said as he threw another pillow, which hit Legolas’ head, completely messing up his hair. Legolas growled. Multiple pillows came flying towards Aragorn.

Later that day…

Arwen had been looking for her husband for the past hour. It was almost dinner time, and Faramir and Eowyn were coming over. She stood still for a minute, thinking of were he could be. Then it came to her. She rushed off towards the guest rooms, where Legolas was staying.

She knocked on his door.

“Come in.”

Arwen opened the door to Legolas draped over a chair, Aragorn lying on the bed and feathers everywhere.

“Your husband has quite the temper, Arwen.” Arwen glanced at Legolas and then at the destroyed remnants of what appeared to be pillows.

“It appears so.” She raised an eyebrow. “The council again?” Aragorn groaned. “Don’t remind me.” She looked at Legolas, who nodded, raking his hand through his completely de-braided and messed up hair. “Shoot, I’m going to have to redo my hair,” he thought. Arwen further proved his wordless thought by saying, “Faramir and Eowyn are coming to dinner.” Turning to walk out, she added, “You both have about an hour to get ready.” A small pillow went flying towards Aragorn.

“That’s for destroying perfectly good pillows.” Legolas snickered at the look on Aragorn’s face. That is, until one came flying towards him.

“That goes for you too, Greenleaf,” Arwen said, walking out.

Legolas raised an eyebrow as the door closed. “She’s kidding, about us having to be ready in an hour, right?”

Aragorn swung off the bed. “Nope.” He looked at Legolas, who actually had a look of despair on his face.

“Don’t worry. Just do what you did for my coronation,” he said, knowing what the look was about. Legolas brightened considerably at the idea.

Aragorn walked out of the room. “See you in an hour.”

Hair styling was a success. So was dinner.

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