Chapter 28: Pyrrhic Victory, untimely deaths in battle

The Witch-King of Angmar has finally been vanquished, killed by people who weren’t men. But the combatants of the wraith lord did not go unscathed. Éowyn suffered with a broken arm, Misao’s leg was slashed, and Merry’s arm went numb after stabbing the Witch-King in the leg. Misao crawled over to the fallen Witch-King, as her injury kept throbbing endlessly, and tore off a piece of the black cloth that the wraith wore to tie around her leg. Éowyn, however, looked over to her Hobbit companion, and began to crawl slowly and painfully over to him, with her injured arm clinging to her body.

“Merry, are you all right?” she asked Merry, who was still holding his numb arm.

“My arm’s frozen,” spoke Merry.

Misao, after fashioning her bandage, went over to Éowyn and Merry to observe the Hobbit’s injury.

“Man, it doesn’t look like you’re in any shape to fight any longer, Merry,” Misao answered solemnly, “I think the best thing to do is to find you someplace to hide for the moment.”

“Yeah,” nodded Merry in agreement, “Â…I think that would be best.”

“But where do you intend to hide him, Misao?” Éowyn asked doubtfully, “there’s practically no place for him to hide.”

“Hey, I told you that the Oniwaban group could do anything,” retorted Misao with a light smile.

Éowyn replied with her own light smile to Misao’s boasting, then advised, “Â…then choose his hiding place carefully, Misao. Danger is everywhere.”

“I will,” said Misao as she began to carry the Hobbit, “I’ll return for you, I promise.”

Éowyn nodded firmly at Misao for her bold obligations, as Misao went off to hide Merry away from the enemy.

Long moments passed as Éowyn waited for Misao… but her troubles may have just started, when she heard a few grunts from behind her, as she turned her head…

And saw Gothmog, shoving himself from among the many corpses around the battlefield. Once Gothmog spotted her, looking inside her eyes, remembering how she cut his leg… the Orc began to crawl up to her, intending to settle the score by killing her. Gasping with fear, Éowyn hastily crawled on her legs, trying to flee, with Gothmog chasing after her…

Misao had found a hiding place for Merry somewhere on the field and began to set back to find Éowyn. Then she looked up aheadÂ… to see her friend quickly scurrying away from the pursuing Gothmog. Misao started to charge forward with a small limp in her leg, to Éowyn’s defenseÂ…

Éowyn crawled up further and saw a sword resting on a shield, not too far from her, reaching out to it with her uninjured arm…

But Gothmog had already grabbed hold of a spiked club, as he stood up to walk over to Éowyn…

Misao, as she kept racing over, reached for her last two kunais to throw at GothmogÂ… then she tripped over one of the dead Orc soldiers falling onto the ground making her drop the throwing daggers beyond her reach. Misao tried to crawl overÂ… but her foot was caught within the Orc’s armorÂ…

Gothmog, with a club in hand, was closing in on Éowyn…

Éowyn’s fingers’ were touching the swordÂ… but it slipped off the shield, falling beyond her reachÂ…

Misao continued to reach for her kunais, but it was all a futile effort, as she still found herself stuck in the Orc armorÂ…

“Éowyn!” cried Misao in despair, watching helplesslyÂ… as Gothmog raised his club, to strike the killing blow to ÉowynÂ…


But the Orc’s arm was surprisingly cut off, with an intervention made by Aragorn and Andúril. Gimli was close behind, swinging his axes into Gothmog’s chest. Aragorn then plunged Andúril into the Orc’s back, and the Orc fell dead.

Kenshin continued to endure fighting against the Orcs, swinging both Hope and its sheath like a staff. But thenÂ… a Warg-rider took him by surprise as the Orc’s pike slashed across the leg, making Kenshin groan just a little.

“Kenshin!” cried Aragorn.

The Orc on his Warg came for another passÂ… but Kenshin swiped his sword at the Orc’s weapon, cutting it in half. Upset about his weaponÂ… the Orc pulled outÂ… a much larger weapon, that looked like a great, giant meat cleaver, designed like a greater version of the Uruk-Hai’s smaller falchion swords.

“I’m gonna cut you in two!” snarled the Orc at Kenshin.

The Warg charged forth, slobbering and salivating across Pelennor Fields and snapping its chaps at Kenshin.

Kenshin used Hope to counter the Orc’s great cleaver, but was thrown aside. Everyone watched while the Warg-rider was making short work of Kenshin’s defense. Kenshin’s god-like speed would not be a factor in this fight, as his opponent’s Warg seemed faster in every turn, than the previous Wargs that he fought back in his world.

The Orc took another swipe at KenshinÂ… but he jumped over the weapon, letting the Warg pass. The Warg went back for some more as Kenshin turned using all his strength and charged forward, for a direct, frontal assaultÂ…

Hiten Mitsurugi styleÂ…Kuzu Ryu Sen!” Kenshin cried out, hitting his opponents in nine places, at onceÂ… hitting them both senseless, and began to stagger a little.

“Incredible!” Gimli cried out triumphantly, seeing Kenshin’s nine-hit attack, as Aragorn and the others were greatly amazed at the attack that they just witnessed.

Kenshin began to pant out a little, after using that attack that took more effort than he thought possible. HoweverÂ… there was a problemÂ… even though the Warg and his rider had the wind knocked out of themÂ…

They were able to recover quickly, seeing as they were both heavily armored. Kenshin, Sanosuke, Aragorn, and the rest were shocked to see that the Kuzu Ryu Sen had little effect on the creature. The Warg-rider then charged at the wanderer, preparing his falchion to hack him with.

Kenshin’s reverse-blade sword once more countered the Orc’s weapon, engaging in a contest of strength. Kenshin was strong, but the Orc and his cleaver were even strongerÂ… and tossed Kenshin onto the ground, yet receiving a wound in the upper chest.

“Oh no, Kenshin!” cried Sanosuke.

The Warg tried to take a bite out of KenshinÂ… yet the valiant wanderer swiped at its jaw, breaking a part of it, as well as some teeth. The creature whimpered and screeched in pain to the injury that Kenshin gave to it. Kenshin flipped himself upÂ… and sprinted a little ways away from the Warg and its rider.

The wandering man panted a little, even though he was able to break the Warg’s jaw, putting the rider at a disadvantage. However, the Orc’s weapon was large indeed, like when Kenshin fought Sanosuke the first time with his Zanbatou. Despite the Warg’s injury, it was still wild enough to persist in taking Kenshin down as it snarled and growled for Kenshin’s bloodÂ…

Although most of the battlefield at Pelennor was still littered with pockets of fighting, the space that Kenshin and his opponent was in, was cleared for them bothÂ…

Kenshin, narrowing his eyes in uncertaintyÂ… slowly sheathed his swordÂ… and prepared himselfÂ… for a battoujutsu attackÂ…

“That stance,” gasped Sanosuke.

“What’s Master Kenshin up to?” asked Gimli.

Aragorn pondered what Kenshin was doing, as was Éomer and Legolas…

Saito, however, recognized the stance that Kenshin was inÂ… and smirkedÂ…

“Â…So,” said Saito to the others, “the Battousai’s going to use his greatest attack.”

“Greatest attack?” inquired Gimli, “what would that might be?”

“Just wait and see, Gimli,” said SanosukeÂ…

Both Kenshin and the Warg rider locked their eyes upon each other, despite being so far away. AndÂ… both were readyÂ… to strike the final blowÂ…

“Come and get me,” challenged Kenshin.

The Orc grinned viciously, believing he has the upper handÂ… and charged on his Warg, preparing to finish Kenshin in one swipe of his great meat cleaver. Kenshin himself charged with his god-like speed at the creatureÂ…


And drew his sword, with his left foot extended at the last moment. As before, both the Orc and Kenshin’s swords were pitted against each other in a contest of strengthÂ…

But once again, the Warg rider’s great falchion proved too strong for Kenshin to counter, and was parried. However, Kenshin did not fall to the ground this time, as the Orc prepared to take a great swipe. Aragorn, and the others, save Sanosuke and Saito, were shocked as they saw that Kenshin was wide open.

Legolas prepared to shoot an arrow, to save KenshinÂ…

But Sanosuke grabbed the Elf’s arm as he said, “wait a moment, Legolas.”

“But Sanosuke,” gasped Legolas.

“Just trust me on this,” Sanosuke strongly assured Legolas, who was still uncertainÂ…

“This is the end for you!” the Orc promised, viciouslyÂ…


Something began to happenÂ… as a gusty, strong wind began to take the Orc and the Warg by surprise. Neither the Orc nor Warg could moveÂ… as if the wind that suddenly produced itselfÂ… was somehow restraining them, like they were encased in heavy chains. Not only that, the Warg and its rider was being drawn toward KenshinÂ… or rather the air around them in a vacuum was drawing them towards KenshinÂ…

“W-WhÂ… What’s happening?” said the restrained Orc in bewilderment, as Aragorn, Éomer, and the others, except Saito and Sanosuke looked on with the same expression as the OrcÂ… as his armor, as well as the Warg’sÂ… was slowly being ripped away from him.

The Orc looked at Kenshin in disgust as he was still swinging after being parriedÂ…

“Â…What did you do, you scum!” the Orc snarled contemptuously after being outdone by Kenshin, who turned with his sword, extending his left foot into the groundÂ…


And the next strike of Kenshin’s greatest attack hurled the Orc and his Warg into the air as Hope struck both the Orc and Warg in their sides. Everyone else, including the injured Théoden and Éowyn, with Merry and Misao, looked on in amazement as they saw the successful execution of Kenshin’s ultimate technique. The hideous creatures of Mordor ended up spitting out bloodÂ… as the crashed into the groundÂ… hard.

As Kenshin finished his attackÂ… he slumped onto the ground, to his knees, breathing and panting heavily doing that attack, suffering a few wounds to the chest and leg.

“Â…What attack was that?” inquired Legolas.

“The ultimate attack of the Hiten Mitsurugi Style,” responded Sanosuke calmly, “Â…Amakakeru Ryu no Hirameki. I’ve seen it before, as well as Saito. When the enemy parries the sword draw, the air that was blown away from it gets sucked in, restraining the opponent from making a surprise attack, and allows Kenshin to complete his attack in the second strike.”

“And that’s why you stopped me from shooting my arrow?” asked Legolas fondlyÂ… to which Sanosuke nodded, confirming the Elf’s suspicions.

“Ahhh!” Gimli sighed, exclaiming with great awe, “now that’s what I would indeed call an ultimate attack Sanosuke, if it can immobilize your opponents!”

The Orc groaned from the massive attack made by Kenshin as he could only move a littleÂ… but he wasn’t so lucky as one of the ghost warriors finished off the vile creature and his steed.

Sanosuke and Aragorn went over to the panting Kenshin and helped him to his feet.

“That attack was very powerful Kenshin,” commended Aragorn, receiving a graceful nod from Kenshin.

“Are you alright Kenshin?” Sanosuke asked Kenshin of his condition, “that attack seemed to take a lot out of you.”

“Yes Sano, it did,” answered Kenshin, as he explained further, “Â…I let the Orc parry my first attack, as I needed enough strength to overpower the Orc and his Warg in the next strike. ButÂ… I didn’t expect that it would take this much stress on me. Aoshi warned me not to use it so often, that he most certainly did.”

“Well, you may not have to worry about fighting any further, Kenshin,” said Sanosuke, observing the battle that was slowly settling down, “Â…it looks like most of the fighting has ended already.”

“Â…Yeah,” replied Kenshin, feeling a little dissatisfiedÂ…

As he saw that Pelennor Fields was littered with many bodies, consisting of the enemy, as well as the Rohirrim that fought valiantly for Gondor. By the way that the field was cluttered, it was difficult to tell which side won or lostÂ… perhaps it looked like that nobody won and that both sides lost the fight.

It was something that Kenshin was not very accustomed to, remembering the many battles of the Revolution, where many of the dead were staring with eyes open, with swords sticking into them. The sight was so familiar, yet so sickening for Kenshin as this was the last thing that he ever wanted to see again in his life, whether it was worth fighting for or not.

Éowyn and Misao painfully dragged themselves up to Théoden, who was crushed under Snowmane. The king’s niece looked down upon her uncle, smiling through her tears, slowly caressing his face. The injured Théoden looked up at the one who saved his life from the mouth of the Witch-king’s fell beast in confusionÂ… as well as surprise, to see who he last expected to seeÂ…

“Â…I know your face,” whispered Théoden, reaching up a gloved hand and touching her face with the backs of his fingers, “…Éowyn.”

Éowyn nodded in sad affirmation, with her smile still so bright. Theoden then slowly turned to the other side, and gazed upon Misao’s face, not so surprised to see her as he did when he saw ÉowynÂ…

“Â…My lady Misao,” croaked Théoden, “Â…I knew I could count on you to look after my niece.”

“Of course,” Misao replied, shrewdly, “Â…she is my friend, after all.”

“Â…Indeed,” said Théoden, who was starting to fade, “Â…my eyes darken.”

“NoÂ… no,” gasped Éowyn, smiling down at him timorously, “Â…we’re going to save you.”

“You already did,” assured ThéodenÂ… getting weakerÂ…

Éowyn became distressed, knowing that her uncle was going to die… though her face remained unchanged…

“…Éowyn,” the dying king added fervently, “Â…my body is broken. You have to let me goÂ…”

Éowyn shook her head as she slowly wept quietly. Even Misao could not bear to see Éowyn grieving over her uncle as it also made her cry… because it felt like she knew… that her friend was losing a second father.

“Â…I go to my fathers,” Théoden continuedÂ… very weakly, “Â…in whose mighty companyÂ… I shall not now feel ashamedÂ…”

Éowyn kept smiling still, for her uncle had been dealt a most noble, yet untimely and evil death within battle…

Théoden then turned to Misao and told her, with his dying breaths, “Â…MisaoÂ… if you should see Master Meriadoc againÂ… tell him that when he sits in peace with his pipe–to think of me always. As I shall never be able, to sit with him in MeduseldÂ… and listen to his great herb-lore.

“Â…I want you to do the sameÂ… when you’re back in your world, serving at your restaurantÂ… with your Oniwaban group.”

Misao felt saddened to hear of the King’s last command to her, as she had an experience in remembering the deadÂ… especially her old friendsÂ…

“Â…Will you do that favor for meÂ… Misao?” Théoden asked eagerlyÂ… in a very weak voice.

“Â…Yes,” Misao sadly replied, as she bowed humbly, with tears in her eyes, “Â…I will do that for youÂ… Théoden-king.”

“I’m glad,” said a relieved Théoden, knowing that Misao will keep her word and be remembered, within another world.

Éowyn smiled brightly… to hear and know that Misao would remember her uncle, as well as what they both did this day…

Théoden then turned his gaze back at Éowyn… fixing his eyes upon hers… one last time…

“…Éowyn,” Théoden croaked his lastÂ… and died.

Moments passed as Éowyn’s smile began to fade with her uncle’s death, her eyes swelling with many tearsÂ… and began to cry freely and greatly as she huddled over him. Misao’s tears were flowing greatly as Éowyn’s as she went to join her friend, cradling over the fallen king of RohanÂ… mourning together for this great loss.

In KyotoÂ…

The result was the same. Bodies scattered everywhere, with friend and foe, Man, Elf and Orc. The sickly odor of decay and waste filled the streets of the city in every corner, every nook and cranny. The same outcome upon the outskirts of Kyoto was even worseÂ… with corpses scattering the fields as far as the eye can see. It was chaos unleashed, just as it was in the RevolutionÂ… perhaps even greater, for the added corpses were that of the creatures called Wargs, Trolls and Oliphaunts. Many of the Elves were assessing the number of casualties, while searching for possible survivors. The Police, Army, and Samurai were doing the same, working together to tend to the injured, as well as counting the number of the dead among the fighters.

The Red-armor Samurai, with a saddened, yet perplexed look in his eyes treaded upon the battlefield, eyeing many of his Samurai troops that had been slain in this fight. He shuddered to think of how many more had died while defending Kyoto itself, if he had been there. Orc and Samurai were cluttered together, killed by their own weapons. Elf and Samurai had laid together, as if they were in comfort. Fear had dawned upon him, entering every nook and cranny of his mindÂ… so much so, that he thought he should’ve been among those that were killed in the battle.

“Â…So,” the Red Samurai intoned somberly, “Â…I survive yet again.”

MeanwhileÂ… Aritomo Yamagata scanned in all directions the amount of devastation of corpses that were around him in the field. This was probably the worse kind of battle that anyone has ever had to faceÂ… perhaps in a long time. Yamagata was greatly concerned about this mess, and how it would be cleaned upÂ…

Horrible,‘ thought Yamagata despairingly, ‘we’ve covered up many incidents to stop the people from panicking. The hysteria would be wide-scale in Japan if people found out. The best thing to do is to have a disposal unit for all the creatures, including the winged beasts that those Ringwraith beings rode upon. We could just say that we were under attack from rebels who were using wild animals at their disposal.

But thenÂ… the many secrets that we had are the reason we fight so many meaningless acts of rebellion. And we’re not just hiding our secrets from the peopleÂ… but from the world itself, just to boast about how strong we are.

SomehowÂ…I can’t help feeling that one dayÂ… we shall become the enemy of the world and we’ll be hated and feared just because we’re who we areÂ… that we were born.

Yamagata then closed his eyesÂ… as he began to ponder very, very deeply of the premonition that he greatly expressed in his mind.

The remaining forces of the Imperial Army, the Galadhrim, and Samurai went into the city, in the Higashi districtÂ… to gaze at their undead rescuers, that has saved Kyoto, as well as the country, from total destruction.

“We thank you for what you’ve done this day,” said Radagast, “you’re spirits can now rest in peace when you return.”

“Open the portal, so we can have that peace,” said the King of the Dead.

“I will,” replied Radagast, lifting his staff—

“Wait!” interjected Kawaji, “we still might need them. The enemy could attack again at any moment, knowing he can do it.”

“No, Kawaji,” returned Radagast, “they have lived with this curse for too long. It isn’t our right to tell them what to do anymoreÂ… they were cursed only until their oaths were fulfilled. And now it has been done. These souls weren’t meant to fight for anybody, only for the ones who cursed them.”

Kawaji grunted in defeat, knowing that there was nothing he could do.

Radagast then opened the portal to Middle-Earth, letting the dead warriors go back, to receive their reprieve from Aragorn. Hiko, Ochika, Omasu, Okina, Katsu, Ayame and Suzume, and the others gazed in awe at the departing undead of the Dwimorberg. It was just a wonder to all of them, why someone would call upon the dead to save their lives.

Meanwhile, Megumi had been tending to the downed giant Fuji, who had one of the Mûmakil’s tusks in his stomach. The wound was indeed a very fatal one. Everyone who gathered, including Sojiro, Chou, and Henya of the former Juppongatana, as well as the Oniwaban group that the giant once attacked, observed somberly at Fuji.

“Â…Is he going to die, Mr. Okina?” asked Suzume.

Okina paused before answering sadly, “Â…I believe so, children.”

“Â…I’m afraid there’s nothing I can do,” Megumi concluded her observations, “the wound is causing too much bleeding for me to control. I’ve never had to deal with a giant man before.”

“Don’t be hard on yourself,” said Hiko, “you did what you could.”

“I know, Master Hiko,” replied Megumi, somberly.

Fuji slowly turned his eyes, looking at Hiko from the corners of his eyes, the man who single-handedly defeated him during the fight with ShishioÂ…

“Â…Did I,” stuttered Fuji, “Â…d-did I manage to fightÂ… like a martial artist?”

“Yes Fuji,” nodded Hiko, “you did very well. I meant what I said to youÂ… you’re not a monster and you never were. You are indeed a great martial artist and one of the very few who remain.”

“IÂ… I was,” Fuji stuttered further, “so misunderstood. When people first gaze at meÂ… they called me a monsterÂ… a creatureÂ… that wouldÂ… eat them wholeÂ…

“Â…I was shot atÂ… and left for deadÂ… and was revivedÂ… to be a destruction army, because at that timeÂ… I believedÂ… that I really was a monsterÂ…”

The sorrowful explanation of the giant’s past filled the children, as well as his old comrades with such sadness. Even Okina and the Oniwaban group felt greatly sorry for the giant. He had tried to kill themÂ… and nowÂ… the great man had saved their lives, all for the sake of preserving Japan from the sting of SauronÂ…

“Â…And then,” Fuji went on, turning his gaze at Hiko once again, “Â…you came alongÂ… and y-y-you told meÂ… that I was no monster. YouÂ…y-you truly respectedÂ… and understood meÂ… body and soulÂ…

“Â…For that, Master HikoÂ… I am forever grateful to you,” finished Fuji.

The children’s eyes became filled with tears as they said, full of sorrow, “Â…we’re grateful to you too, sir! You helped to save us.”

Ayame and Suzume ran up to the giant and cried their tears, not wanting the giant to die. Fuji smiled brightly as he saw in the firstÂ… perhaps the only time in his lifeÂ… that he was not treated like a monster by any other stranger, save Master Hiko.

“Â…You’re a hero,” said Ayame, crying freely, “Â…just like Uncle Kenny. We don’t–want you to die. We like y-you–too much for you to die.”

“Â…We respect youÂ… Mr. Fuji,” added Suzume, also sobbing endlessly as her sisterÂ…

Feeling this genuine respect from Ayame and SuzumeÂ… Fuji, with every last bit of strength within himÂ… moved his hand slowlyÂ… and lightly laid it upon the children, to comfort their tears. Ayame and Suzume felt this great consoling from the titanic fighter that fought greatly in the battleÂ…

“Â…Thank youÂ… children,” Fuji replied truthfully to the childrenÂ… breathing his last.

As Fuji diedÂ…

Ayame and Suzume cried even greatly, kneeling beside the lifeless giant. Tears also began to form within Omasu and Ochika, as they themselves felt bad after calling Fuji a monster when they first crossed paths. Elladan and Elrohir comforted them with their hands on their shoulders. Everyone else, whether be Police, Army, Samurai, or Galadhrim, kneeled before the giant savior of Kyoto, mourning his passing.

“So passesÂ… a great man,” lamented Radagast, sadly, “who was thought a monster.”

Chou, Sojiro, Radagast, Okina, Megumi, and the rest gathered together, trying to come to terms with the death of the giant Fuji. Ayame and Suzume felt the greatest pain out of any of the fighters, losing a fellow comrade-in-arms.

Chou then began, “manÂ… its unbelievable that Fuji would actually get killed, partner. I didn’t even like him much when we worked for Shishio together. It felt like that his size was crampin’ our style, especially mine. And I never thought I’d say this butÂ… I think I’m gonna miss him now.”

“Don’t chastise yourself too much, Chou,” said Radagast, “we all have our ways of disguising our true feelings, even if it is for those we say we don’t like.”

“I can certainly relate to that myself in a way, Mr. Radagast,” said Sojiro with a bittersweet smile.

“To tell the truth, I never thought I’d feel sorry for Fuji either,” interjected Ochika, “when first we met him, he tried to kill usÂ… but now he tried to save us, and at the cost of his own life as well.”

Okina nodded as he added with sympathy, “fate is a strange master they say.”

“When you talk about fate,” Elladan broke in sharply, “its like you don’t know how it will end up. Everyone here has had a share of loss in this great battle against the Orcs, and we sense that many of them do not believe in fate, in the same way that my brother and I do not. Halbarad was a good friend of ours as we have fought many times against the Orcs, and his loss devastates us deeply. Many hundreds of years agoÂ… Elrohir and I have suffered another loss, at the hands of the OrcsÂ… our own mother, Celebrian.”

Omasu gasped with sorrow as she asked, “was she killed by the Orcs?”

“No, it was far worse than death,” Elrohir briskly answered, as he sadly explained, “Â…mother had always loved the realm of Mortals, from before we were born. She had traveled throughout all Middle-Earth and its free lands. On occasions, she would bring us, along with our sister Arwen to show her what she had come to love. And what she loved, we all greatly loved just as well. But then one day, while she was traveling to LothlorienÂ… mother was waylaid and taken prisoner by OrcsÂ… “

Omasu’s eyes were filled with sympathy to the story that Elrohir gave to her, as well as to everyone else who was listeningÂ… especially Master Hiko.

Elrohir went on, gloomily, “Â…upon hearing this news, Elladan and I came to her rescue, as we took great pleasure in slaughtering the Orcs that were around her. However, mother was poisoned, and we rushed back to Lord Elrond, our father, to heal her wounds. Though the poison within her body was taken awayÂ… the poison within her mind inflicted by the Orcs’ torture was too great to be cured, and she lost her desire to stay in Middle-EarthÂ… and passed into the west over the sea upon the white ships to Valinor.”

Ochika and Omasu, hearing the sad story of the twins’ mother, put their arms around Elrohir and Elladan’s shoulders, trying to give them some support and comfort from their ordeal that they had so long ago. The Elven twins, though they felt the loving embrace of consolation from the ninja women, could not bring themselves to look at themÂ… not with the feelings of anger that they had, thinking of that fateful and terrible day with their motherÂ…

“Â…And for this reason alone,” said Elladan in a low voice, filled with anger, “Â…Elrohir and I cannot forgive or forget what the Orcs had done to our mother, and so we hate them to the death. Father said that it was fate that mother was captured and forced her to go to Elvenhome, since he had the power of foresight. But deep downÂ… we never truly believed it.”

“I’m sorry,” whispered Ochika, with a tear in her eyesÂ… that fell upon the Elf that she consoled, Elrohir. Elrohir turned his head a little ways to her, giving her a small, yet gracious smile.

“I also deeply sympathize with my brethren’s bitterness with the Orcs,” interjected Rumil, solemnly, raising a sword that he had with him, “Orophin and I had also lost someone dear to usÂ… our brother Haldir. We all patrolled the borders of Lorien together. This sword belonged to him. The surviving Elves of the Battle of Helm’s Deep had given it to us, giving word of our brother’s death by the hands of Saruman’s Uruk-Hai soldiers.

“Â…But despite thatÂ… Haldir died to fight for the world of Men, as we had done so a long time ago. Just like we were proud to fight for this world of Men,” finished Rumil firmly.

Glorfindel of Rivendell then walked in, listening on the conversation, saying, “Â…indeed.”

Everyone turned to Glorfindel, brightened to see that at least he had survived the battle. However, their moment of reunion would not lastÂ… as Kawaji came in behind Glorfindel, looking as if he was about to give orders.

“Sorry to break this up, but we’re going to need every hand available, including what’s left of the Army, the Police, those Elf people, and almost everyone else, to salvage this debacle,” Kawaji stated, which wasn’t news to everyone, save maybe the children.

“Gosh, partner,” said Chou, nonchalantly, “and I thought we’d won already.”

“If you had more wit, Chou,” berated Kawaji, “you’d realize that we’re not dealing with ordinary trouble makers or rebels against the government. The attack those creeps made had greatly depleted our manpower as well as the weapons supply of cannons and gattling guns that we have, and there’s not much more of them, save our rifle ammunitions. It’ll take weeks just to get another great supply of weapons. And from what we’ve seen, if this dark wizard, lord, or whatever this Sauron guy calls himself, can open portals to Kyoto, sending a great army in almost no time flatÂ… how can we be sure that he won’t send an even greater force at any moment?”

Chou would usually talk back, but in this caseÂ… he immediately conceded defeat, knowing that the possibility of what Kawaji said could be true. Megumi, Hiko, Okina and the Oniwaban group, Katsu, and the others froze in realization, hearing that their victory could and would ultimately be cut short.

“As it is, we’ve left Kyoto to the enemy on a silver platter,” Kawaji ended strictly.

“Yes, everything Kawaji says is true,” said Radagast agreeably, “Sauron does have more soldiers in place around the many lands of Middle-Earth, raging many battles against more of the free folk wherever they live. He could recall them at any time and send them here, just to finish what they started. Sauron would be able to send an even greater force to deal with us swiftly. And he would be able to win, due to the fact that we have lost so great a many fighters in this fight. With the dead army gone to their rest, we must now wait patiently until the One Ring is destroyedÂ…

“Â…Because if another force comes when we least expect it, or if even Sauron regains the ringÂ… we’ll never be able to stand another chance again,” concluded Radagast, forbodingly.

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A/n: Well, I hope you liked these chapters. I thought they would be perfect for Veterans’ Day, since this chapter especially deals with soldiers that have fallen in war, many times before, like with Théoden. Also I thought that this chapter would explain greatly about the many victories that felt like it was a lose/lose situation to many of those fighters, due to the many friend they lost. I’m especially sorry about killing Fuji, if you all will forgive me for it.

Please read and review. And have a great Veterans’ Day.

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