Let me tell you a tale
Of a faraway land
Of Erebor’s kinsmen
And mountain grand

Beneath the stone
That lonely stood
A kingdom did flourish
And forever it would

Be known as the peak
And by far the most grand
Of dwarven kingdoms
To grace the land

Thror the mighty
Thror the bold
Ruled the mountain
With a fist of gold

For in Erebor’s caverns
They dug from the ground
A jewel so splendid
The Arkenstone found

Now all this splendor
The dwarves could not hide
From other races
With coveting eye

Thror would soon find
That the coin in his hold
Would bring to his mountain
Destruction untold

For a fire drake would hear
From far to the north
Of the dwarven king’s treasures
His greed brought forth

Smaug the mighty
Smaug the bold
Learned of the mountain
And came for its gold

Upon the mountain’s slope
The dragon did fly
From the elves came no help
For they turned a blind eye

Wandering kinsmen
For years they did roam
‘Till in the Blue Mountains
They found a new home

But they never forgave
And they never forgot
What has been taken
Who gave us our lot

Perhaps one day
They will march so bold
To the land that was taken
To Erebor old

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