I’m trying not to mention people from LotR not because I hate it but because I don’t really need them in here. Comments welcome and if I do mention someone from LotR I DO NOT OWN A THING!

“And so, here the periodic table has ZN on it, while this square says B. ZN stands for Zinc whilst B stands for Boron. Now if you look here you’ll see…” Mr Endalls talked about that sort of subject that all teachers loved: the Periodic Table of Elements. It was a typical Tuesday: science third period, grey skies, drizzling and a boring teacher that rambled on about junk that no one cared about. Ugh.
“Jeepers,” I muttered under my breath as I chucked a piece of paper at my friend Sarah:
Anything happening tonight or just M+D hanging around?
She looked at it for a second before scribbling back on a sheet of paper:
M+D not home tonight I’m home alone but am grounded
I looked at her using my sideways glance and chucked another note:
What did you do this time? Skin the cat, boil the dog?
She glared at me and started scribbling me a long, long note:
Not that it’s any of your business I was trying to HELP but burnt dinner and then the whole house smelt of smoke and Sophie started rambling on about a boy I had been seeing, though that is not true before you get started and M got all weird. You should try living with a bunch of nutters! I’m telling you it is absolute horrific, I can’t seem to do one thing right! Ugh it is just so damn hard and I didn’t even want to help! M+D kept going on and on about it till I was very nearly sick of it, UGH!
That sounded just like her family though I thought they were fine. The bell rang for the end of third period and we chatted while packing up our stuff.
“Ok Laith, my house tonight? I don’t care that I’m grounded, if your Mum says yes we could go to the movies…” Sarah trailed off noticing me staring off into the distance, “Uh Laith? You ok? You kinda look like you went off to loony land with my family,” I looked at her and realised that something felt different. I’m not sure what though.
“What? Oh sorry, Paich, I didn’t catch that,” I said as I grinned at her. Laith isn’t my name, nor is Paich hers. My real name is Liz but in primary school I used to get called Laugh for some reason. I found Lalaith is laughter in Elvish so my nickname is Laith. Sarah gets called Paich as we used to call her juice. It’s kind of fitting somehow.
“Oh come on, we got Social Studies next and I will die if we are late!” Sarah said sarcastically. I laughed and ran towards that door getting there just in time. Such a fab life. Sigh.
Social Studies is the only class I have with my crush: John. Everyone just calls him Sadron; he came up with the name himself. Everyone else just thinks it’s a cool nickname but I know better. Sadron is Sindarin for faithful one so that proves he is LotR mad like me. I hope he likes me back but it’s hopeless. I quickly looked at him as he walked in but he was chatting with his mates. No way would he like a saddo geek like me.
We were just working on some crap about a revolution (don’t ask which one- I don’t know but it could have been industrial. Whatever) when I felt a slight shake, kind of like an earthquake but too small if you get my meaning.
Suddenly there was a big shake. It rumbled and kept going on and on. I looked around in confusion, chaos was around me and the teacher was yelling at everyone to duck under our desks. So as not to look dim I ducked down forgetting that a) how low the desk was so I hit my head and b) that John sat next to me to stop him from talking to his mates.
Rubbing my head I looked over at John and he was looking at me and shaking his head. What are you trying to tell me, Sadron? I thought as I looked at him in confusion. He tapped his neck and I looked at my necklace that held my replica of the LotR ring. It was glowing? Ok something is going wrong, what the? This was just an earthquake wasn’t it? Wasn’t it? I passed out with that question in my head…

When I woke I was lying on a grassy floor wearing a green dress and a well worn grey cloak. My clothes weren’t the cleanest and they sort of resembled rags. I had no food and I knew I had a long distance to walk so I got started.
Of course all sorts of questions were bounding around with the rest. To give my mind something to think of I picked the two most important questions: “What am I doing here?” is the first. The second would be: “Where are the others?”
The questions took up the rest of the day and by that time I was still nowhere near answering either of them. On the bright side it was night time and that means rest. On the down side it had started to drizzle.
Fabulous, just fabulous.
The next day I walked on. I believe I walked many leagues but I cannot be sure. It was dark when I came to a place that to me looked like Rohan. I walked up to the gate and started speaking with the Gate Keeper.
“Excuse me, my lord, but is there any way I can get in?” I asked as politely as I could manage. It’s actually hard when you’re starting to get sick.
“Sorry my lady, no strangers after dark,” was the unhelpful reply. It was full out pouring by now and I was shivering in my rags.
“Please sir!” I begged, “I have been travelling for days sir and just need shelter! Oh please sir!” He just stood there looking at me so I curled up tightly in a ball outside the gate and fell asleep.
When I awoke the guard was still staring at me. I stopped looking at him before I felt compelled to go and sock him one. I stretched and got up. I walked to the gate and asked again.
“Please sir might I come in now?” I used my most patient voice. The questions I gave myself to wonder about were no longer bouncing around in my head. I gave a little cough and I realised I was shaking. What’s wrong with me? I thought. Then I realised that I hadn’t eaten in days.
“I’m sorry but you must wait until the sun is just above those mountains…” he started saying but that was all I heard as I fell unconscious.

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