I know, short chapter, but I’ll add chapters eventually!

After The Battle of The Five Armies, Legolas returned, and Thranduil allowed him to marry Tauriel. Legolas left for the War of The ring, and then returned to Tauriel. They had two girls, named Katie and Kiera (pronounced KY-ER-A). Thus they lived in the forest, mostly alone for many years, happy till something they did not expect happened.


Legolas and Tauriel both turned to the trap door, as two young girls entered. They were positively soaked, and coated with wet mud up to their thighs. “What have you been doing this time?” Legolas calmly asked. “I….we….fell…in…” one girl started as the other one sighed. “We fell in the river,” she said cutting off the stutters of the other girl. “Kiera, would you like to explain?” Tauriel asked. “Uh, not really,” the girl said. “Clean up, then go to your room,” Legolas told them as he walked to get a rug to collect the mud that had gotten on the floor.

“Good job Ky, now we’ve done it.” Katie glared at her sister. More like twin actually. Kiera, or KY, was three minutes older than Katie. Both girls were tall, skinny and strong. They had short, blonde hair that went down an inch past their shoulders. Katie was the girl who sat in a tree and read books. She was smarter, and passive. KY was the dare devil, and she got mad easily. She did many dangerous things and got stuck or hurt often. They stood in their room arguing over whose fault the soaking was. “Well, I wasn’t the one who stopped dead in front of me!” KY replied. “Yes, but I was the one who saw the river and stopped to try to avoid falling in.” Just then Tauriel walked in, stopping their arguing. “Girls, we are not going to discuss what happened, or punish you, but we have something to tell you.” Katie and KY sat on one of the beds. “We’re moving. Legolas told me he made a promise to a certain man, so we are going to the city.” “WHAT!!!” both girls shouted in unison. “We’re moving to a human city. What fun, I hear they’re crazy.” Katie rolled her eyes.

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