I walked down a winding path, unsure where I should go. This was my first time being in the forest and although my mother told me where to go, I was still reluctant. I looked up at the sky as if I could find some hidden answer. I suddenly gasped. Sitting on the top of the tree was a wood elf. He had long blond hair and hazel eyes. There was a bow slung over his shoulder, ready for combat. He eventually noticed me. He suddenly stood up and jumped down, landing before me.

“May I ask you who you are?” he questioned me. His eyes seemed to see into my very soul.

“My name is Himeno, daughter of Elizabeth.” I wondered what his own name was but I did not dare to ask him.

“My name is Legolas, son of Thranduil.”

“It is a pleasure to meet you,” I said, relieved. He could possibly lead me in the right direction. I curtseyed politely saying, “I come here from far away lands but I’m forced to take shelter here for the arms of darkness have spread far into our land.”

“It is a pleasure to serve you,” he said bowing. He was a very beautiful person. Something about his personality awoke something within me. I turned around to see who it was. A tall and graceful woman was standing on the hill. She had beautiful, long brown hair that I wished I could have.

“Hi Legolas!” she said, waving to him. She ran down the hill, her hair flowing out behind her. “How are you?”

“Good, thank you. We have a guest.”

“Really? Who?” she questioned, glancing at me.

“Himeno.” Legolas said, extending his arm toward me. I suddenly had the urge to take it. I shook my head. What was I thinking?

“I am pleased to meet you also,” I responded. “Do you have anywhere I could rest or eat?”

“Himeno! Don’t insult my hospitality! I shall take you to a room where you can freshen up and we can go to dinner afterwards. Please come with me.” Legolas said taking my hand in his. I suddenly felt my cheeks begin to warm. “Bye Arwen!”

I proceeded to follow him for a while when we finally reached his house. “You can sleep on the right hand side.” Legolas stated, pointing up at it. It looked surprisingly nice.

“Thanks,” I said climbing up it. I collapsed onto the bed in the room, resting my aching limbs. I laid there for about a minute when I decided that I should get dressed. I went through my bag, trying to decide what I should wear. After about five minutes I finally settled on a floor length dress that was a luxurious shade of emerald green. I took my long hair down, brushing it out before I decided that it looked okay. After washing my face off I walked over to Legolas’ room. “Legolas? Are you ready?”

“Yeah. You can come in.” Legolas responded, as he fastened a brown belt on his waist.

“Hi,” I greeted, standing in the doorway. I didn’t want to intrude or anything. He looked amazing in a nice tunic.

“Hi,” Legolas responded, his facial expression blank.

“Do I look presentable?” I asked seriously. I spun around and I felt my hair go out like a fan. I noticed Legolas slowly put my quiver and bow over his shoulder. He walked over to me slowly.

“You look great,” Legolas said, taking a strand of my hair and pushing it behind my ear. He gazed at me, his hand lingering by my ear. There was suddenly a loud sound of trumpets. I jumped a foot in the air, blushing vivid red. Legolas also jumped and turned to the door. “That’s our cue to go to the dinner. Let’s go.”

“Okay,” I said as I followed him to the bottom of the tree. We walked about ten feet away from the tree when Legolas suddenly whistled. A beautiful white horse trotted up to him, nickering playfully as it nuzzled him.

“Can you ride bareback?” Legolas questioned me.

I started to laugh gleefully. Me? Not able to ride a horse? Nonsense! “My lord, you insult me,” I said, grinning as I hopped on my horse side saddle. Legolas grinned also as he swung his leg over his horse. Legolas hung his arms on either side of my hips and grabbed a chunk of the horse’s mane.

“Go!” Legolas cried in a loud voice, kicking his horse’s side lightly. The horse started to gallop and brought us in front of the most beautiful place in the kingdom. “You arrived at the greatest time possible. We are having a feast celebrating the Council’s return.”

“Oh, I was hopping I would arrive in time for a celebration! My mother always used to tell me magnificent tales of all the wonderful celebrations that you would have!” I said happily.

“Legolas! Long time no see brother!” a man exclaimed running over to the horse. Legolas smiled at the sight of him and hopped off the horse, embracing him briefly.

“How are you, Aragorn?” Legolas questioned, stepping back a step.

“Good. I’m so happy to see you! I haven’t seen you since the wedding!” Aragorn said eagerly.

“I saw Arwen earlier. Did she tell you that I saw her?” Legolas questioned.

“No,” Aragorn said, pretending to look angry and failing miserably. “Who is this new lady? So you finally decided on a good female?”

Legolas blushed slightly as he waved his hands in front of himself. I also blushed but I could not help but to be glad that he had no one he liked. I suddenly decided that the teasing had gone on long enough. “Of course not… I just met her… I…”

I hopped down from Legolas’s horse and straightened out my skirts. “My name is Himeno. It is a delight to meet a person of the old ring tales,” I said politely, curtseying.

“Good taste!” Aragorn said approvingly. “It takes you a while but when you do find a woman they are pretty good!”

I noticed Legolas glaring at him, but I grinned in respsonse. This man was rather interesting. “Where is the rest of the council?”

“Here we are!” a group of people exclaimed happily appearing out of nowhere. “SURPRISE!”

“I’m really happy to see you all again. I haven’t seen you for such a long time,” Legolas said, grinning at them.

“We’re happy to see you too,” a man in all white said approaching from the back of the group. “Let the party – BEGIN!”

At first I wandered around with Legolas but I felt like he should be able to talk to his friends. Eventually I took a glass of water and walked to lean on a large tree, singing softly under my breath.

“Hello,” a voice murmured in my ear.

“Huh?” I said turning around. Standing on my right side was a tall and fair elf with long black hair and brown eyes. “Hello?”

“Would you like to dance with me?”

“No thank you. I was just waiting for someone,” I responded. I suddenly felt a feeling of dread. Who was this person?

“I’m sure they wouldn’t mind.”

“I’m sure they would. Now would you please leave me alone?” I said, withdrawing from him.

“They wouldn’t care,” he said, grabbing my hands. I felt the sudden urge to scream, hoping that Legolas would come or someone!

“Release the fair damsel!” Legolas commanded, his eyes burning in rage. I glanced at him in relief. Thank goodness that he came! “Now!”

“Make me,” the elf challenged, sneering at us.

“Fine.” Like a flash of lightning Legolas struck. Although the attack was fast it didn’t prevail. The elf blocked him with ease. They fought in a dance of blades for what seemed like hours when Legolas suddenly won, knocking the sword out of the elf’s hands. Towering over him Legolas said, “If I ever catch you acting despicable again I will turn you in to the king and queen.”

“Pardon me master, you have bested me.” He slowly walked away in dishonor. Legolas watched him walk away until he disappeared.

“Are you okay?” Legolas questioned, leaning over me. I just stared at him in happiness kissing him. He returned my kiss with enthusiasm. Is this what true love felt like? This eternal state of bliss? I knew at that moment that Legolas would always protect me.

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