“We are victorious!!!!!” shouted Eomer as he staggered out of the pub supported by Aragorn and Faramir. Following them was Eowyn, Arwen, Legolas, and Gimli. The night was very cold but the drunk war heros didn’t notice. Indeed they did not notice much. Sauron was dead, and they were drinking to their victory. Eomer had a very low tolerance for alcohol, but had a terrible weakness for whiskey. The young hobbits chose not to join them, as they were quite afraid of how Gimli may act once drunk .
“It’s a real shame that thesh, hobbitshes cousldnsh come,” slurred Faramir as he leaned against the wall and drained his flagon of ale.
“Yeah!” said Arwen in an abnormally high pitched voice. “They’re so cute! I just want to hug them forever! ” she squealed and hugged herself.
“Yes! Yes!”, laughed Aragorn, as he stumbled into the night air. “Thosh little hobbitshes very great in our little tiff with that big dark guy.” he leaned against the wall next to Eowyn, smiling down at her(where she had slumped down laughing only moments before), which made Arwen, even in her drunken state, just a little uncomfortable. Legolas ran out, jumping and babbling in a voice even higher than Arwen’s. They all stumbled off squealing and laughing like a small herd of drunken sheep.
But Aragorn kept smiling at Eowyn in that demented way, (or so Arwen thought) so she did what any girl would do when your boyfriend or fiancee is flirting with some other girl. Hit her. Except Arwen’s vision was rather blurred so her fist hit the stone wall and she shrieked in pain. And an Elf shrieking is not a pretty sound
Eowyn jumped up in surprise, but as her balance was a little off, she fell backward into Aragorn’s arms, which didn’t appear to displease him at all. This act of obvious retaliation at Arwens attempted attack further infuriated the jealous Elf. She lunged at the shield maiden, but was grabbed by Gimli, who didn’t particularly want this fight to occur, as his height could be a problem if he was caught in the crossfire and they didn’t see him under them.
“Geroff me!” yelled Arwen. Gimli only pushed her aside and she fell into Legolas’s arms. And suddenly she knew how to get revenge on Aragorn for liking that common little Shield Maiden. She turned and kissed Legolas
Legolas, who only moments before had been elated that Gimli had finally noticed him, was taken completely by surprise, and was now very sad. He was sure Gimli wouldn’t want him now. Arwen looked at him expectantly, a little crossed eyed, and Legolas didn’t know what else to do but return aforementioned kiss. Arwen smiled and turned to give Aragorn a smug look,
Aragorn merely shrugged and said “You’re not worth all this trouble.” and he proposed to Eowyn on the spot, and of course she accepted. Then they skipped off to find someone to marry them.
Arwen was enraged, and decided not to let that mangy little man win. She grabbed a confused Legolas by the arm and said “Come on skinny, we’re getting married”. Gimli heard this and pouted, as Legolas was dragged off into the night by Arwen.
Gimli now was alone with Eomer and Faramir. “What the heck?” he said in a fake happy voice. “Who wants more ale?”
“Me!” was their immediate response.

Meanwhile both Arwen and Legolas and Aragorn and Eowyn had found people to marry them. The next morning Eowyn woke up and saw Aragorn and screamed. He woke up and screamed too.
Aragorn jumped out of the bed and gasped out “What the heck is going on? Where’s Arwen?”. Eowyn was very confused, silently wondering what had happened and was wondering what would happen if Faramir caught her in such a compromising position. Then she realized, where was Faramir?

Faramir, Eomer and Gimli were sitting outside the pub with bottles of rum in their hands and singing a song they had made up in very off tune voices.

Eowyn leaned forward and out her hand to her forehead and saw something on her 4th finger. “Oh my god!” she screamed and pointed to her finger. Aragorn looked at his finger and his eyes were as big as dinner plates. They looked up and and at the same time yelled “Are we MARRIED?!?!?”
Far across town, Arwen and Legolas were having a similar problem. Shrieking at each other that this was a wretched predicament and that they had to do something. Arwen was afraid that Aragorn would find out, and was very confused at how she had ended up marrying this pansy ass elf. Legolas was simply concerned that Gimli would never like him if he saw this, and was a little frightened at the panicked, screaming, hung-over elf in front of him. Arwen could be mighty intimidating when she wanted to be.
As Arwen began to get sick all over the place there was a knock at the door. Arwen moaned and slumped behind the bed. Legolas walked over and opened the door. There in front of him was a old monk and a little girl with strawberry blonde hair.
“Here is the child you adopted” said the monk. “Her name is Makaya”. Legolas, who had managed to remain fairly composed, now collapsed on the floor in a complete faint. Arwen got up from behind the bed, moaning, and stumbled over to the monk.
“Please,” she began. “We were a bit out of sorts last night. (She did not wish to reveal that she, a graceful and dignified elf, had been wasted as she was.) We cannot keep this child. Really. Please take her back with you.” “Oh no,” said the monk, who was quite happy to get rid off this redheaded little terror. “It is final.”
And with that he simply scampered away. The little girl stood there looking rather forlorn. She looked up at Arwen with big eyes and asked “Are you my new Mother?” and something in Arwen’s heart melted. She loved this girl but she couldn’t keep her.
“Yes” she said. Makaya looked over at the unconscious Legolas and bent down and poked him gently. He opened his eyes and smiled at little Makaya. Then he noticed something. She was an Elf. Her pointed little ears poked out of her red-blonde hair, and she was quite tall for a child. Legolas smiled, all thoughts of Gimli rushing quickly from his head. He looked up at Arwen, and she smiled down at them. They both had fallen in love with this little girl, and wanted to keep her, but they knew that they couldn’t.
After Arwen and Legolas had composed themselves they left with Makaya. Legolas carried her and he and Arwen asked her questions about herself. They learned that she was 7 years old and her parents had been killed by Orcs. At one point Legolas looked over at Arwen and saw a tear slide down her cheek. She brushed it away, and looked forward to see Gimli, Faramir and Eomer, outside the bar, in a heap singing. Legolas looked too and as his eyes rested on Gimli he felt nothing. For now, only Makaya mattered.
Gimli jumped up, stumbling toward Legolas. “Buddy, hey man! You misshed the best rum in the whole world!” He hugged Legolas around the waist, his stubby little arms wrapped around the Elf’s hips. Legolas shrugged him off, and continued to walk on with Arwen, ignoring their drunken friends.

Meanwhile Eowyn and Aragorn were siting at a table and staring at their cups of black coffee.
“So now what?” he asked. She shrugged and avoided his eyes, her mind wandering. Aragorn looked at his hands then got up and sat next to her.
“I know you love me Eowyn. And I know you love Faramir too. But I think I’m falling in love with you.” Eowyn looked up, startled by his confession
She knew she would always love Aragorn in her heart, but it wasn’t just his ring on her finger. Below it she wore the ring of Faramir, and remembered how much she loved him. But still, Faramir may be handsome, but he was no match to the rugged good looks of Aragorn. Besides, Aragorn was the king of Gondor now. Faramir wasn’t king, no sir. She had to think about rank here,
She looked into his eyes and leaned forward and kissed him. And when he kissed her right back, they were both happy. For now all Eowyn cared about was Aragorn and this moment. Maybe she would be Queen. No wait, she was Queen. She was married to the King of Gondor.
Arwen and Legolas trekked on, having completely forgotten about their confusion at the rings on their fingers. They were not sure where they were going, only that they had to get there soon. Legolas had the idea of taking the child to Mirkwood to learn there, but Arwen wanted to take her to the Undying Lands to be among her people. But she was afraid of what her father would say about her…less than admirable actions that led to this adopted elf. So she agreed to take the child to Mirkwood.
But something inside her compelled her to stay behind, to find Aragorn. She told Legolas to take Makaya and go alone. He agreed and he took his horse and he and Makaya rode away, leaving Arwen in the middle of the road, waving at the little Elfin girl who turned around in her saddle to wave back.
Arwen began to miss the little girl instantly, but tried to forget her and focused on the matter at hand. Reaching down, she ripped the wedding ring off her finger, and walked down the road, wondering what she should tell Aragorn, IF she told him at all.
It began to rain and inside the pub where Eowyn and Aragorn sat it was warm. But as Aragorn looked out the window he saw a thin figure walking slowly down the road. He recognized that walk. It was Arwen. He got up from his chair and told Eowyn that he’d be back. As he stepped out into the street Arwen looked up and saw him. And the ring on his left hand. She turned around and ran away, the tears on her face mixing with the rain.
Aragorn ran after her, desperately wanting to explain. But Arwen wanted none of this, and being an Elf, easily outran Aragorn and disappeared into the woods. She turned down the road and headed for Rivendell. Most of her Elven kindred had abandoned that land during the great war of Sauron, but a few remained.

Inside the pub, Eowyn watched a distraught Aragorn enter, tears on his face. she felt terrible for him, but couldn’t help but feel a pang of jealousy. But it quickly passed as she comforted Aragorn.
And then she realized something. If she truly loved him then she would not want to see him unhappy or distraught. So Eowyn made one of the hardest choices of her life.
“Aragorn, you don’t love me.” he looked up. “I don’t?” She shook her head, “No you love Arwen, and you must go find her, please, I hate seeing you upset, Do it for me.”
Aragorn couldn’t believe it. He DID love Eowyn now, didn’t he? But no, in his heart, he knew he didn’t. So he pulled the ring off his finger and walked out slowly, heading for Rivendell, the place he was sure Arwen would go. Eowyn sat, tears streaming down her face. She sat like that for an hour, then headed back to the bar to find Faramir.
As Eowyn approached the bar she saw what appeared to be a large singing heap outside. As she came even closer she managed to identify her brother, Faramir and Gimli. “Eomer?” she asked. He stared up at her with crossed eyes. “Who are yoush?” he said and started to drink more rum, but Eowyn grabbed the bottle. She began to throw it away when she figured she could use that. So she raised the bottle to her lips and took a drink. She felt so much better.
As her vision quickly blurred and the sounds around her faded fast, Eowyn fell down into the heap and joined in the nonsense singing. Faramir and Eomer laughed and smiled at her, and Gimli (who had unfortunately been sitting right where Eowyn fell), just groaned softly and joined the song weakly, his little voice muffled under Eowyn.

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