The rain fell hard on the dark green ground. Sullen and cool was its touch. The scent of the trees was like a perfume that surrounded the two travelers as they marched over rock and bush.
Legolas lifted his head to the sky, the clouds rolled past in the wind. Yet down beneath the trees no wind could be felt.
“It is most peculiar,” Gimli grunted, “that the rain should escape, yet the wind isn’t known.” They walked on, every once in a while Legolas pointing out a spot where he used to sit and dream. “I never thought it possible, Legolas lad, to feel so welcome in a forest.” Gimli sighed. He gently grasped a leaf from a tree, and stroked it. “And I,” Legolas replied, “never thought it possible to see a Dwarf so content in a forest.” “Aye, I never dreamed.” Gimli walked on. “And I hope someday I may be as content in your fair kingdom, Gimli.” Legolas smiled.

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