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Kylie Turney picked up her tennis bag and went into the gift shop at the airport. How had she done it? Fourteen years old, barely in High School, yet she had helped her school to reach their goal making the statewide tennis tournament.

Of course, she had been playing this sport for… as long as she could remember. Her dad often played in college, when he met her mom. It would be very accurate to say that she had grown up playing tennis, and had developed very good hand-eye coordination. Her speed helped her too, although she was never good at cross-country or track (not that she never did that; the high school track coach was desperate for runners… but that’s another story).

What surprised most people who had never met Kylie before was her clumsiness. Yes, the Varsity tennis star was a total klutz. On the court, she was amazing. Off court, let’s just say the Emergency Room team in North Presbyterian hospital knew her by name. It started when she was three. She had gotten her first tricycle and was more than eager to try it out. Little Kylie paddled down the road and collided with an open car door. That was her first trip to the Emergency Room.

“Flight 13 ready for departure,” announced the robotic voice on the intercom. Kylie’s jaw dropped. Oh no, that was her flight! She picked up her bag and ran for it. She needed to make this flight; all of her friends were on this flight! Every person on Liberty High Varsity Tennis was on this plane. Kylie made it to the gate right as the flight attendants shut the door. The plane was leaving. No, this was not possible! She couldn’t be left here, stranded!

Then came the event that would change her life forever. The strap on her bag broke near the end of the terminal gate. The bag hit the floor and Kylie felt herself falling over. She tumbled out of the gate and crashing onto the cement about ten to fifteen feet below. She felt her head hit the ground and was unconscious instantly.

She woke up, expecting a little headache and the all too familiar white ceiling of the hospital. To her surprise, she was outside, lying facedown on something. It was a pool of water, and Kylie was only surprised she hadn’t drowned. There were annoying insects all around her, biting her skin. She quickly stood up and turned away, grasping her bag.

Panicking, she opened her tennis bag and grabbed her cell phone. Quickly, she dialed her home phone. Nothing. She dialed her mom’s cell phone. Still nothing! She looked at her phone and saw that there was no service. “Dang!” she cried out. “Where on Earth can I be that I would not get service!”

But she was not on Earth. Little did Kylie know that she was in Middle Earth.

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