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The Third Door

I was given a letter from Arwen. It read:
Legolas, Estel is dead. I’m sorry we didn’t send for you. He told me to give you this message: “Mellon Nin, remember the two doors. The door to the Dimholt and the door to the sea. One life, the other death. Choose wisely Mellon Nin, choose wisely.” I would have told you in person, I just didn’t have the heart to do so. Farewell, Legolas. Arwen.

When I finished reading I let the paper drop out of my hands. For something so light, it sounded so heavy when it hit the ground. I heard someone approaching but I didn’t heed them. I continued staring at the paper on the ground. Two hands picked it up. A moment of silence; they were reading it. I could feel their eyes on me. I looked up. There was Mirthalion, my childhood friend. He was one of the few that could read my emotions. Estel was one of them. He said that my eyes deceived me. Right now Thal could tell that I wanted to go. With a reassuring nod he said, “Go.” I was gone before he could blink. All he saw was a blur of a greenish-grey color.

I went right to the stables, got my horse, then rode to Minas Tirith, in hopes that Eldarion wasn’t too upset that I wasn’t there. Well… my hopes were wrong. He was furious.

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