The sounds of laughter rang through the halls of the Citadel. If you were to listen closely, you could hear that elves and a man were the ones guilty of the pleasant noise.

Elladan, Elrohir and Legolas were visiting Aragorn. They had managed to sneak him away from a pretty boring council meeting. They were currently in the royal family’s rooms, catching up and telling stories that had yet to be heard. The Twins had currently just finished a story of a prank they had pulled on Erestor. This was the reason of the laughter.

Legolas was doubled over in laughter and Aragorn wasn’t far from falling on the floor.

“How long did it for him get the dye out of his hair?” Legolas asked, wiping tears from his eyes. Elladan grinned. “Weeks.” That brought fresh rounds of laughter.

The friends grew quiet, but it was a comfortable silence. Aragorn ran a hand through his hair, messing it up.

“I haven’t had this much fun for a while,” he said. “Probably since Legolas’ horse spooked and threw him.” Elladan and Elrohir laughed as Legolas glared daggers at Aragorn. “That, was not funny, mellon nin. It was very embarrassing.” The twins laughed even harder. Aragorn snorted. “Come on, Legolas! It isn’t every day you see an elf unseated by his trusty steed!” He grinned. “Especially one who’s hair never gets messed up!” Legolas jumped up and tackled Aragorn off the bed and onto the floor. The two rolled around for a bit, hurling half-hearted insults at each other. The twins just grinned and chuckled. The mock fight ended with Legolas on top of Aragorn. “Never could beat me, could you, filthy human?” Aragorn struggled underneath Legolas. “Prissy elf. Get off!” Legolas grinned. “Only if you beg for mercy.” Aragorn glared. “Mithro orch, Legolas! You know I never will!” The fight resumed. Finally, the twins pulled the two apart.

“Alright, alright! Break it up you two!” Elrohir said in mock anger, barely able to contain the chuckles that threatened to be let loose. A pillow came flying his way. He ducked, only for it to hit Elladan in the face. As the pillow hit the floor, Elladan saw a grinning Legolas, perched on the foot board of Aragorn’s bed. He raised an eyebrow.

“Any last words?”

Legolas grinned cheekily. “Nope. You?” All he received was a smirk before the pillow came flying back at him. A full blown pillow fight broke out between the two friends.

Aragorn glanced at Elrohir. “Shall we join?” Elrohir gave him a are-you-kidding-me look and proceeded to throw a stray pillow at his twin. Several minutes later, the air was thick with feathers and the laughter of the four friends. After they settled down, Aragorn asked a question that had been bothering him for a long while.

“How did you guys first meet?” he asked. “I mean, it has to have been way before I was even born.”

“It was, little one,” Legolas said, smirking at the look on Aragorn’s face when he called him ‘little one’.

“Before, another fight, you two,” Elladan began, seeing the look on Aragorn’s face. “You do seem little, in age, to us, Aragorn.”

“Well, thanks for the help, brother,” Aragorn said sarcastically.

“My pleasure. Now, which of you wants to tell it?” Elladan looked pointedly at Legolas and Elrohir.

“Why don’t you, Dan? You were always the better story teller,” Elrohir said.

Elladan punched his younger half playfully on the shoulder.

“Ouch, Elladan.” Elrohir gave a mock pout.

Elladan sighed. “Fine, I’ll tell it.”

He settled himself comfortably in his chair and began.

“It all began a few thousand years ago, along the borders of Rivendell…”


Elvish translations:

mellon nin: friend, best friend, my friend

Mithro orch: go kiss an orc

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