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Legolas glanced at his father. “I cannot go back,” he said as he walked past Thranduil. “Where will you go?” the shocked king asked. “I know not,” Legolas replied, turning around. “Go north, to the Dúnedain rangers. There is a young man there, he is known as Strider.”
Legolas walked through the forest enjoying being out in the open, surrounded by trees. The sun was low in the sky, signaling that the stars would soon be out. As he walked, his sharp hearing caught sounds of someone camping nearby. Legolas began making his way towards the camp. He did not want to be seen yet, so he quietly snuck around behind the foliage. There were four men, all around a large campfire talking quite loudly. The most noticeable was the large man with brown dirty hair. His arms were thick and strong. He looked to be 40 or 45. The second man looked quite strong also, but a bit smaller than the large man and had black hair. He looked a bit younger too. He was skinning a couple rabbits. The last two men were much younger, around 20 or 30, and were so similar it was obvious they were brothers. Both had reddish-brown hair down to their shoulders. They were not thin nor fat. Both looked strong, but could be stronger.
Rangers, Legolas thought. He stood silently and walked a few yards away to rest near the camp. Then he would not have a surprise attack by any orcs. He listened to the men’s conversation to pass to time. “Ya know Harmon, three rabbits aint’ gonna feed tha four o’ us.” A deep gruff voice that was obviously the large man’s. “Oh yah! Well you go out and get them then!” a not as deep but equally gruff voice retorted. Legolas grinned, thinking of giving the men a good shock. He left and returned a while later with four conies. Then he walked right into the camp. Four wide eyes stared at him and then traveled to the conies in his hand. “If you would like these, I’d be happy to give them to you if I may spend the night in your camp!” Legolas told the men. The men simply stared at him for a few more seconds before the second man suddenly broke the silence. “Manwin, he’s an elf!” The man exclaimed. “Yes, and we’ll be happy to shelter him! Come elf and join!” The large man who Legolas understood was Manwin grinned. Legolas smiled back and sat by the brothers and began to dress the conies.
“So, what do call yourself,” one of them asked. “Legolas of Mirkwood. And you are?” Legolas asked. “I’m Jortec, and this is my brother Lortec,” the man on the left answered. Legolas noted the large scar on his forehead to tell them apart. After a while the men had prepared a stew out the meat and some herbs Legolas pointed out. Jortec handed Legolas a bowl of the stew and they all sat to eat the plentiful meal. Jortec went to fetch some dishes out of a large bag. He quickly spooned some of the stew into a bowl and passed it to Legolas. Legolas knew he didn’t have to eat very often being an elf, but he ate anyway to be polite.
After a quiet meal had passed, the men began to talk and Legolas rested in a tree that Harmon was using as a backrest. “So how long you reckon it’ll be till we get back to the town?” Lortec asked. “Ah, we’ll be there day after tomorrow,” Manwin replied. Legolas simply let his thoughts wander, ignoring the men’s conversation. After a while Legolas began to feel very strange. His mind seemed to be covered in a cloud and he couldn’t think. He was also feeling very tired which was very rare for elves to feel. Suddenly his world turned black.

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